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Kamui Clear Black tip (Single)

$24.00 msrp $28.08 Save 14%

The Kamui Clear Black II tip has achieved further consistency by limiting the glue absorbed into the bottom layer of the...

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Kamui Black Standard tip (Single)

$22.75 msrp $26.39 Save 13%

The Kamui II Black is available in super soft, soft, medium or hard. Kamui uses 9 layers of pig skin, hand selected layers are specially...

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Kamui Original (Single tip)

$19.75 msrp $23.95 Save 17%

KAMUI™ Original tip has become well known for adding grip and consistency to the ability of a cue. Now, KAMUI™ leather maintains even more porosity enabling the tip to grip...

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Tiger Everest Laminated Tip (Single)

$17.00 msrp $19.95 Save 14%

Tiger Everest 10 layered laminated tip shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium and has a control like a soft tip. This single tip is 14mm and are sold PER tip.

Tiger Great White (Single Tip)

$11.50 msrp $13.95 Save 17%

The Great White by Tiger is a 9 layered boar skin tip. The layers are sheared apart to ensure consistency and durability, then laminated together...

G2 Cue Tips (Single Tips)

$21.56 msrp $26.95 Save 20%

G2 tips come with the same quality construction as other Japanese cue tips. They are made with 8-Layer pigskin construction, and are available in Hard...

Action Screw on Replacement tips

$2.99 msrp $3.40 Save 12%

These are Replacement Tips for screw on ferrules. They come six tips per package and are made of genuine leather. These tips are approximately 12.5mm.

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Tweeten Elkmaster Cue Tips

$29.99 msrp $39.95 Save 24%

From Tweeten fibre Company in Chicago Elkmaster has been the most popular soft tip for decades. There are 50 tips in each box. These tips...

Tiger Sniper (Single Tip)

$20.00 msrp $23.95 Save 16%

Sniper Laminated Cue Tips are made from a boar hide that is tanned the old fashioned way, under the ground. Treated slowly and without any chemicals, each hide takes up to a year...

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Tweeten Le Pro Tips

$39.99 msrp $49.99 Save 20%

Le Pro tips are a medium hard tip. This box of 50 is available in 13mm or 14mm tips. Le pro tips are still one of the most popular tips on the market. They are...

Samsara Cues Break/Jump Tip (Single Tip)

$19.95 msrp $23.95 Save 16%

The Samsara Break/Jump tip is a 9 layered calf skin construction. This tip is all leather and doesn’t include any plastic which makes them legal in all…

Moori Cue Tips (Single tip)

$19.95 msrp $25.00 Save 20%

Moori layered tips are produced from Boar leather. These tips are some of the most popular tips in the industry. Features 9 layers and is available in 14mm in…

2 Reviews

Billiards.com Push on Tips

$9.99 msrp $18.99 Save 47%

These Push on Tips are a quick fix for your house cues. They are available in 3 standard sizes. 12mm, 12.5mm and 13mm. These come in bags of 25.

Tweeten Triangle Hard Tips

$42.95 msrp $49.95 Save 14%

Triangle Tips by Tweeten are a very durable tip. This is a box of 50 at 13mm or 14mm. They are one of the hardest tips available...

Predator Victory tips

$25.00 Best price

The Victory tips by Predator are an 8 layer design that holds shape longer and developed to maintain optimum compression for the entire life of the tip. High contrast...

McDermott Navigator Tip Crystalizer

$26.00 Best price

The Navigator Tip helps reduce Mushrooming and extends the overall life of your tip by hardening the outer edge only. A brush attached to the cap helps to adhere properly.

Tiger Liquid Burnisher 4 oz

$12.95 msrp $14.95 Save 13%

This liquid is specifically made to burnish the sides of the leather cue tip. It can clean minor dirts off shafts and ferrule. Liquid burnisher is also used as one...

McDermott Navigator Automatic Cue Tip

$26.00 Best price

Navigator Automatic tips feature pure Japanese pigskin leather with no artificial coloring added. Each tip goes through a month-long...

McDermott Navigator BLACK

$26.00 Best price

The Navigator BLACK tips by McDermott are a 10 layer tip that is made from Japanese Pigskin leather which are assembled using a...

McDermott Navigator Alpha Pro

$27.00 Best price

Navigator Alpha Pro MAX tips feature a new, enhanced 9-layer Japanese Pig leather construction that includes a specially-formulated bottom layer...

Tiger Icebreaker Jump/Break (Single Tip)

$23.00 msrp $26.95 Save 14%

The Tiger Icebreaker tip is a unique design that features a leather core with a phenolic casing. Give you the best of both worlds. This tip is a Hard tip...

Tiger Tip Glue

$11.95 msrp $14.95 Save 20%

Tiger tip is a sure, no nonsense adhesive for attaching new tips to your cue.

J. Pechauer Gold tips

$16.20 msrp $18.00 Save 10%

The J. Pechauer Gold tips are a 9 layered Pigskin leather tip. The leather is specifically treated to resist "glazing over." A fibre pad is provided with each tip. These tips are available in Soft, Medium or Hard and are sold per tip.

G2 Chalk Stay

$11.99 msrp $16.99 Save 29%

Never miscue again! The G2 Chalk Stay is specifically designed for phenolic and fiberglass break/jump tips. Use one drop of liquid onto...