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Kamui Black Standard tip (Single)

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The Kamui II Black is available in super soft, soft, medium or hard. Kamui uses 9 layers of pig skin, hand selected layers are specially tanned to last longer in humid conditions and add more spin. Only available in 14 mm diameter. This tip is sold individually.

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Kanji black soft

Very responsive and easy to generate desired spin at slower speeds

Reviewed on 03/06/2022
Ted 50
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Very Good Tip

My local shop recommended this tip and after 3 weeks I think it is great. I have the super soft, which on soft hits gives great action to the cue ball, and on medium to hard hits does not feel soft or squishy at all.

It has improved my draw shots significantly as lots of draw using a soft to medium hit is possible. There is no mushrooming so far, and the solid black color looks great. I was using standard quality , name brand medium tips and this tip is a big improvement for subtle cue ball control. Considering a tip lasts a couple of years or so, the cost is not a major factor. I am a grade B player who shoots in a very competitive league and have been shooting for many years. So far this tip is 5 stars for sure. Willyboy

Reviewed on 03/04/2016
Chicago Area
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