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Q-Glide is the ultimate anti-friction cue shaft treatment for a super gliding stroke. This safe, non-greasy formula gives you a super-gliding cue shaft for optimum cue control, greater stroking power. All it takes is one drop on a paper towel to buff your cue shaft.

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Absolutely LOVE the Qclean Q Glide

Qclean Q Glide is absolutely great and does not cause any of the mess hand chalk does. My strokes glide nice & smoothly over my hand without the need for any hand chalk. When I ran out of the Qclean Q Glide, and had to use hand chalk/powder, I noticed my shots weren't nearly as smooth and controlled as they were when using Qclean Q Glide.

I also didn't have to worry about the mess and residue that hand chalk/powder leaves on the table or clothing. This is a big issue for me especially since I most always wear black; and there is nothing like having hand prints all over the legs and rear of my pants or on my shirt.

Reviewed on 03/10/2016
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