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Billiards.com Wood Triangle with Brass Inserts

$13.99 msrp $19.99 Save 30%

This is a solid hardwood 15 ball rack with stylish reinforced brass on the corners. Available in four stain colors.

4 Reviews

Billiards.com Diamond Wood 9 Ball Rack

$11.95 msrp $15.95 Save 25%

These solid wood 9 ball racks are available in 5 stain colors. Honey, Wine, Midnight, Chocolate and the new stain Rustic.

7 Reviews

Billiards.com Solid Wood 8 Ball Rack

$11.95 msrp $14.95 Save 20%

Available in 5 different stain colors. Honey, Midnight, Chocolate, Rustic and Wine.

Delta-13 Elite Ball Rack

$149.95 msrp $169.95 Save 11% plus FREE shipping

The Delta-13 Elite Ball Rack is a great piece of craftsmanship and design. The Rails and Corners are made from 100% billet aluminum. The corners...

2 Reviews

Billiards.com Indestructible 8 Ball Rack

$8.99 msrp $10.95 Save 17%

This heavy reinforced Ball Rack is almost unbreakable. It is a a black woven plastic material that is full size and will last through the rigors of daily use.

Billiards.com Large Rack Hook

$9.45 msrp $11.95 Save 20%

This is a facemount large Rack Holder screw in hook. Also works as an under mount hook for Bridge cues.

2 Reviews

Billiards.com Magic Rack Combo set

$16.00 msrp $19.95 Save 19%

The Magic Rack provides a perfect rack every time. Engineered to be thin enough (.14mm) to hold the balls in place while offering minimal interference during the break. Rack the balls on the template, break...

Action Heavy Duty Wood Triangle

$19.99 msrp $23.00 Save 13%

The Heavy Duty racks by Action are an extra thick 3/4 inches on all sides. These racks are more durable, easier to use and really more attractive...

Billiards.com 9 Ball Plastic Rack

$5.65 msrp $7.95 Save 28%

A durable 9 ball rack made out of plastic.

Billiards.com 8 Ball Plastic Rack

$5.65 msrp $7.95 Save 28%

A quality plastic rack at a low cost!

Delta-13 Select Aluminum Rack

$89.95 msrp $99.95 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The all aluminum Delta 13 rack is possibly the best billiard ball rack ever made. Guaranteed for life against warping, bending or splintering. The...

Billiards.com Indestructible 9 Ball Rack

$8.99 msrp $10.95 Save 17%

Using reinforced plastic, this rack is almost unbreakable. Made from a black woven plastic material this 9 ball rack is built to last. Pair it up...

Outsville Accu-Rack System

msrp $24.99

The Outsville Accu-Rack system is a total of 5 templates! Included are diamond 9 rack (9 Ball), Pro 10 (10 Ball), Solo (for 8, 9 or 10 ball), the...

  • 1-13 of 13 Results