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Tweeten Cue Repair Kit

$18.99 msrp $24.99 Save 24%

The Tweeten Home Repair Kit contains cement, cue tips, a tip clamp, cue top sander, scuffer, chalk, and table spots.

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Billiards.com Rapid Cue Top Sander

$26.99 msrp $29.99 Save 10%

To replace a glue on tip, you must have a perfectly flat clean ferrule. This is the best tool for preparing your cue.

Q-Wiz Shaft Conditioner

$5.95 msrp $7.95 Save 25%

The Q-Wiz Shaft conditioner features a two side shaft care system. The unmarked side is for cleaning the shaft which removes chalk and unwanted oils...

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Tiger Shaft Cleaner & Burnisher

$14.00 Best price

The Tiger smoother and burnisher smooths and seals shafts from the elements, while giving it a nice polished look. Use one side for...

McDermott Silky Smooth Shaft Wax

$11.00 Best price

The McDermott Silky Smooth Shaft Wax cleans, seals and conditions wood shafts. Makes the shaft smoother to the touch. No residue or build-up and is...

3 Reviews

Billiards.com Q-Wax

$8.50 msrp $10.99 Save 22%

Q Wax is contains the finest carnauba wax to give your cue the best protection possible. Use Q Wax on your cue shaft after it has been cleaned

McDermott McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers

$16.00 Best price

The McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers by McDermott are washable & reusable shaft conditioning system for smoothing shaft. For very rough shafts begin...

McDermott Shaft Maintenance Kit

$44.00 Best price

The McDermott Shaft Maintenance Kit is one of the most popular kits on the market. It comes with everything you need to keep your shaft...

Billiards.com 8 or 9 Ball Billiard Towel

$8.99 msrp $10.99 Save 18%

All cotton towel with a 8 or 9 ball logo. Makes a great gift for all players.

McDermott Shaft Slicker

$7.00 Best price

The McDermott Shaft Slicker properly conditions wood to eliminate drag, promote optimum cue control and create great stroke power! Simply slide the...

Tiger Tip Shaper & Scuffer

$40.00 Best price

The Tiger tip shaper and scuffer is constructed with a anodized aluminum body making it lightweight but extremely durable. Dime or nickel shape guides...

Tiger Silicone Wrap

$14.00 Best price

The Tiger Silicone wrap with the yellow Tiger logo is perfect whether your looking to replace a wrap on a cue or give your cue that sport wrap feel...

Tiger Tip Glue

$12.00 Best price

Tiger tip is a sure, no nonsense adhesive for attaching new tips to your cue.

Billiards.com Sandman Tip Tool

$18.95 msrp $19.95 Save 5%

The Sandman Tip tool is a tip scuffer and leather burnisher in one. The coarse metal inside the scuffer is part of the metal and will never...

Tiger Crystal Shaft Cleaner

$13.00 Best price

The Tiger Crystal Shaft Cleaner is the premier cue cleaner on the market. This Tiger formula sinks into the grain of the...

Billiards.com Last 4 Ever Combo tip Tool

$27.99 msrp $35.99 Save 22%

The Last 4 Ever Combo tip tool is billed as "the last tip tool you'll ever buy." This combo tool has a dime and nickel tip shaper...

Tiger S-4 Shaft Sealer

$20.00 Best price

The S-4 Shaft Sealer by Tiger conditions and seals. Perfect for use after the Tiger Crystal Cleaner. The sealer will give your cue a smooth feel and protect the wood from moisture.

Joe Porper Shaft Polisher

$8.99 msrp $13.99 Save 35%

From Joe Porper Creative inventions the suede shaft polisher is 2 sided. It polishes and burnishes your shaft for a smooth clean stroke.

Billiards.com Rapid Cue Top Sander Replacement Discs

$7.99 msrp $8.99 Save 11%

Replacement discs for the rapid Cue Top sander. There are 12 discs per package .

Tiger Tip Protector

$6.00 Best price

Tiger Leather Tip Protectors are designed to guard the inside of your case from chalk residue. Simply place the leather protector over the tip and...

Smart Wipes Shaft and Ferrule Cleaner Wipes

$20.95 msrp $25.95 Save 19%

Smart Wipes are made to clean your cue without leaving moisture on your shaft and ferrule. This cleaner in a moist towelette style, is quick...

Predator REVO Shaft Cleaning Wipes

$25.00 Best price

The Predator REVO shafts have special cleaning wipes designed specifically for the Carbon Fiber shafts. These wipes keep your REVO shaft...

Cue Cube 2 in 1 Tip Tool & Shaft Slicker

$17.95 msrp $24.95 Save 28%

The Cue Cube combo features the classic cue cube and the popular shaft slicker. The Cue Cube features a scuffer on one side and a nickel shaper on...

  • 1-23 of 23 Results