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Special billiards gloves allow the pool cue to slide easily along your hand without requiring talc.

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Sir Joseph Billiard Gloves

$6.95 msrp $12.95 Save 46%

Sir Joseph Billiard Gloves are the most popular gloves in billiards. Sir Joseph gloves are made of a Spandex style Lycra material for a...

Voodoo Cues Voodoo Gloves

$7.95 msrp $10.95 Save 27%

The Voodoo gloves are a sturdy elastic material. One size fits all. The exposed portion shows the bones in your hand.

2 Reviews

Scorpion Billiard Gloves

$8.00 msrp $15.95

These Scorpion Billiard Gloves have the Scorpion logo on the top of the hand. This economical glove is a one size fits all and is very stylish!

  • 1-3 of 3 Results