5280 Pool Cues

5280 Pool Cues are a unique combination of elegant design and advanced engineering. The appeal of these highly affordable pool cues stems form the quality of their manufacturing and the innovation of the materials employed. Unlike most billiard cues, every 5280 Cue comes with a special Tiger Red Line Tip. This layered pigskin cue tip brings consistency, control and durability to each 5280 billiard cue. In addition, this tip features the unique 3rd Layer Alert System. Once you see the red layer exposed, you know it's time to change your tip for optimum performance. The Redline Tip shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium tip and gives you the control of a soft tip.

5280 Pool Cues are organized into five categories: Elevation, Altitude, Peak, Apex, and Mile High. Each category of cue carries its own unique style, but all feature the high quality that pool players expect and demand.

5280 Cues (already a great value) now come with free matching joint protectors. 5280 Cues are a lot of pool cue for your money!