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Benchmark Billiard Tables

Benchmark Billiards, based in Portland, Oregon is one of the last remaining manufacturers of American made, handcrafted billiard tables. Committed to delivering the highest quality tables constructed from the finest materials available, a Benchmark table will provide you a lifetime of enjoyment.

The Wood: We use 100% hardwood in all of our tables. The wood is obtained from renewable forests right here in the United States, giving us a steady source of quality wood from sources employing American workers.

Rails and Cushions: The rails of our tables are all made to exacting specifications set forth by The Billiard Congress of America. We use 8/4 quality hardwood and a sub rail with a hardwood rail cap connected to the slate with a 3/8 four prong 1/2 inch barrel tee nut. The Sure-Shot
® cushions are manufactured exclusively for Benchmark Billiards and are renowned for their playability and accuracy. The cushions are made from 100% live gum rubber, and a K-66 profile with canvas ducting added into the top of the cushion to give extra support and a consistent rebounding angle time after time. Our rails have a slightly routed edge so the cloth staples will not disrupt the contact between the rail and the slate.

Sights: The sights inlayed into the wide rails of our tables are a double diamond design. Unlike most manufacturers, Benchmark Billiards never uses low-quality, unattractive plastic or single-piece sights. This is an important feature of your table and one that is overlooked by most manufacturers. The rails and sights are as important as any other aspect of a table; they should be made using the highest quality materials and the finest construction methods possible.

Frames: The frames on Benchmark Billiards tables are made to withstand a lifetime of play, in addition to handling the potential rigors of transportation, assembly, and dis-assembly if you choose to relocate the table after installation.
The corner frame braces, leg supports, and 2" x 8" hardwood slate supports, combine together to form the sturdiest frame produced in the industry today.

Slate:We use a 3 piece over-sized full 1" thick slate, diamond honed on both sides for exact precision and playability. The slate liner used is all hardwood that is milled in our own factory to ensure perfect thickness and accuracy. Our rail bolts fasten directly to the under side of the slate, not the slate liner, to pull the rail directly and securely to the playing surface. Slate is not available as a raw material in the US. The slate is a part of our tables that is imported.

Table felt: We use as our standard felt Championship Mercury Ultra Cloth. This is the same cloth used at most national amateur tournaments such as the BCA, VNEA and APA. Is it a solid, no-mat felt with the speed and playability needed for tournament play. There is no extra charge for this premium felt. You can upgrade your selection of table felt to Simonis cloth, the worldwide leader at a price you will not receive anywhere else.

Shipping: Shipping of your Benchmark Billiard Table is Handled door to door by We will coordinate the delivery of the table with the shipper and your schedule. The cost of shipping is included in the purchase price. There are a few exceptions to our free shipping policy where tables have to be delivered to a heavily populated downtown area of major cities such as Manhattan or Los Angeles. If you live in one of these areas, please contact us and we will give you a written quote.

Table setup: Complete table installation and setup is included in the price of our tables. This includes every aspect of the table setup such as carrying the table in to your home, complete assembly, cloth installation, cleanup of packing materials and delivery of your lifetime warranty certificate. When our professional installers leave your home all you will need to do is chalk your cue, and play. Please contact us with any questions about Benchmark Billiard tables.