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Replace Cushion Cloth Page 2

Installing Featherstrips

1. If installing new featherstrips, place the featherstrip in the groove as shown in the figure to the right and trim one end flush with the angle of the pocket opening with a hacksaw. Be careful to keep the blade tilted at a sufficient angle so you don't cut into the rail pocket area behind the featherstrip.

2. With one end trimmed, place that end down in to the featherstrip groove and "butt" it flush against the pocket facing - then trim the other end in the same manner.

3. Place the new cloth over the featherstrip groove and check to see if the featherstrip will tap down into the groove. If the cloth is of heavier grade the featherstrip may require planing.

The groove in the top rail and the featherstrip are cut for lighter grade cloth. To allow for a full range of cloth grades, removing material from the featherstrip may be required.

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