Trick Shot Videos

A trick shot is a shot played on a billiards table (usually a pool table, though snooker tables are also used), which does something with the balls that would seem unlikely and very often amazing. Billiards trick shots competitive events are the subject of increasing international cue sports competition, and exposure,both amateur and professional, with world championships, such as Trickshot Magic, often televised in both the US and the UK and providing enough prize money that some professional players specialize in the discipline.

By contrast with the related discipline of artistic billiards, in which competitors have over seventy pre-determined challenges to complete, trick shot competitions typically allow the players to make up new tricks. However, there are many standard tricks, and serious players have large notebooks of trick documentation which they bring with them to competitions.

Here we have compiled a group of trick shots and videos for your enjoyment. As the trick shots gain in popularity and television coverage (actually we think they have always been popular but don't get the exposure they deserve) we expect to find more and more great video's, diagrams and instructions for your enjoyment. So check back for the latest and greatest trick shots.