Attach Cloth to Rails |

Corner Pockets:

Note - if you are replacing cloth on an existing table, go to Replace Cushion Cloth.

1. Place new cloth over rail with "face" side down. The cloth should have an equal over-hang at each end of the rail and extend approximately 1/2" over the featherstrip groove on the cushion side (as shown in the image to the right).

2. Starting at the center of the rail, tap the featherstrip down to within 1/16" above the rear side of the featherstrip.

3. Stretching the cloth tightly from the center toward the ends, tap the feather strip down to 1/16" while maintaining the half inch over-hang to within approximately 3" from ends of the featherstrip.

4. At each end of the featherstrip pull the cloth toward rubber cushion an additional 1/2" toward the cushion then tap the featherstrip down (shown in the image to the left).

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