Attach Cloth to Table Top |

When covering tables, first clean the table thoroughly, then check the slate for level, and shim where required. Make sure the screws are fully tightened. Then, grout the joints with a flexible filler such as beeswax. Do not use paraffin or plaster of paris.

1. Leave only enough cloth for one end of slate and one side (location 1) to allow stapling into the wood frame in 3 places, approximately 2" apart.

2. Stretch cloth tightly across table and staple three places at (location 2) 2" apart.

3. Stretch the cloth tightly from (1) to (3) and staple three places into wood frame 2" apart.

4. Stretching cloth tightly across table from (3) and pulling from (2), staple two places at (4).

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