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Aramith Tournament Magnetic Cue Ball

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Aramith makes this top quality magnetic ball, perfectly balanced, and perfectly round. This cue ball works with all magnetic ball return tables but gives you top quality performance like other Aramith products.

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This is a difficult review to write,... but I hope it helps

Let me start by saying this cue ball plays better than any other I have used, and I have been playing for 34 years. This ball is the lightest magnetic cue ball I have ever used, thus allowing the ability to put massive amounts of spin on the ball. You will find, depending on the cue ball you used prior that it is much easier for the ball to take flight when you first start using this ball. (a double edged sword of sorts) My local pool hall uses quality cue balls when having tournaments, theirs are light and play in much the same way... which is why i purchased this ball in the first place... (hoping it would get the same action while still going to the cue ball returen instead of the other end of the table) It delivered on this goal, exceptionally well. I love it, i considered bringing it with me when going to pool halls to have as a back up ball to play when eh, playing for higher stakes, if you catch my drift. That said I have a bare concrete floor in my garage where my home table is located and while getting used to the ball it took flight on the break, where a heavier ball would not have. no problem, i pick up the ball and continue using it. finish my game and i noticed a hair on it as I was lining up to shoot the last ball (in this case the 9)_ i win, and am getting ready to rack, I pick up the ball to try to understand how a hair could be stuck to it and realize it is a hairline crack in the outer casing which is about a 1/16th of an inch thick. I am able to stick my fingernail under the "skin" of the ball and a piiece of the outer shell pops off bigger than a nickel, and almost as big as a quarter. The ball is ruined. $22 wasted, :/ so I give it a 5 for how much I liked the ball while I was able to use it and a 2 for durability on a mediocre play conditions (i have never, ever had this happen with any other cue ball, even when/if they took flight) thus factoring in both these numbers I concluded with a 3.5. If you are playing on carpet, I highly recoomend this ball. But concrete, I don't know it it is worth the gamble to use it at home.

Reviewed on 09/04/2021
Btown, FL
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