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Aramith Power Ball Cleaner Pads

$25.87 msrp $32.34 Save 20%

This is a set of two replacement pads for the Aramith Power Ball Cleaner. These are 100% microfiber texture.

Aramith Power Ball Washer

$106.15 msrp $132.68 Save 19% plus FREE shipping

The Power Ball Cleaner by Aramith is a motorized individual ball cleaner. This device is easy to use, simply apply a dime amount of Aramith ball cleaner...

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Aramith Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

$11.38 msrp $14.22 Save 19%

Aramith, the world leader in billiard ball manufacturing produced this cleaning cloth specifically for their products.

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Ballstar Replacement Cleaning Pads (Old Style)

$21.60 msrp $29.95 Save 27%

These cleaning pads fit the older style machine pictured at the top right. The Ball Star polishing pad is the round pad located in the bottom of the Ball Star cleaning machine. These pads do need replacement from time...

Ballstar Pro Replacement Cleaning Pads

$21.60 msrp $29.95 Save 27%

These replacement pads fit the new style Ballstar Pro cleaning machine. After a lot of use the pads can wear out and these will renew the performance of you machine. There are 3 pads in a set. The diameter of this pad is 8".

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Ballstar Pro Automatic Ball Cleaner Polisher

$459.99 msrp $599.95 Save 23%

For optimum life of your pool balls it pays to keep them clean. Many ball sets are a big investment. protect yours.

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Ballstar Liquid Cleaner

$29.95 msrp $34.95 Save 14%

This 2 liter bottle of liquid cleaner and polish will last quite a while. Simply dispense the proper amount into your Ball Star...

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Aramith Ball Cleaner

$11.48 msrp $14.35 Save 20%

The Aramith ball cleaner is a great cleaner for those without a ball cleaning machine. Just use a small amount on a soft cotton towel...

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Ballstar Replacement Nozzle Pads

$18.95 msrp $22.95 Save 17%

The Ball Star nozzle pad is the portion of the machine that dispenses the cleaning liquid evenly during the cleaning and polishing process.

  • 1-9 of 9 Results