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$0.25 msrp $0.50 Save 50%

Slip on tips are a quick fix for your house cues. They are available in 3 standard sizes. 12mm, 12.5mm and 13mm. Cost is per tip.

2 Reviews 8 Foot Heavy Duty Table Cover

$49.00 msrp $64.95 Save 24%

Protect your investment with this 8-foot heavy duty cover. Pocket Chalk Holder

$8.95 Best price

An easy to use Pocket Chalk Holder made of durable vinyl. The vinyl stick slides into your pocket and the chalk is still easy to grab and easy to use.

1 Review Replacement Feather Strip

$0.95 Best price

This feather strip is made of a flexible rubber. It is much easier to use than the old wood strips. Ordered by the foot you can adjust the quantity in your shopping cart 7 or 8 Foot Lightweight Table Cover

$9.99 msrp $12.99 Save 23%

This plastic cover for 7 or 8 foot pool tables is available in brown, clear and green. The dimensions are 100" x 60"for the 7 foot and 109" by 65".... Combination Tip-Pik and Scuffer

$8.99 msrp $16.99 Save 47%

The Combination Tip Pik and scuffer accomplishes 2 tasks for you. The scuffer will mold and shape your leather tip to a standard circumference The Pik will rough up the leather to help chalk stay on without taking material off and premamaturely wearing out the tip. Diamond Wood 9 Ball Rack

$6.95 msrp $7.95 Save 12%

These solid wood 9 ball racks are available in 5 stain colors. Honey, Wine, Midnight, Chocolate and the new stain Pecan. Wood Triangle with Brass Inserts

$9.95 msrp $15.95 Save 37%

This is a solid hardwood 15 ball rack with stylish reinforced brass on the corners. Available in four stain colors. Solid Wood 8 Ball Rack

$6.95 msrp $7.95 Save 12%

Available in 4 different stain colors. Honey, Midnight, Chocolate, and Wine. Black Moosehead Bridge

$4.35 msrp $5.95 Save 26%

The Moosehead style bridge is a slip over bridge head that can fit any cue. It has a rubber flexible grommet that will slip over most cue...

2 Reviews 9 Foot Heavy Duty Table Covers

$56.00 msrp $68.95 Save 18%

This heavy duty 9-foot pool table cover is made of a textured vinyl. Protect your table from dirt and dust... Genuine Horse Hair Brush 10.5 inches

$14.99 Best price

Horse hair Brushes have been the quality standard for brushing felt for over a century. 3 X 6 Hard Black Vinyl Cue Case

$74.95 msrp $89.00 Save 15%

Form fitted for 3 Butts and 6 Shafts this case can handle just about everything. It has one large and one small storage pocket. It has... 9 inch Nylon Wood Brush

$4.99 msrp $5.49 Save 9%

This Wood Nine inch table felt brush is available in four colors. Chocolate, Honey, Midnight and Wine Table Leg Shims

$0.79 msrp $0.99 Save 20%

These Table leg shims are an easy way to get your table leveled and keep track of the size of the shim used. These shims... The Original Tip Pik

$11.95 msrp $16.99 Save 29%

The Tip Pik pokes deep pockets into your pool cue tip. When you chalk up, these pockets hold onto the chalk longer, resulting in fewer miscues. The... Solid Brass Bridge Head

$7.95 msrp $9.95 Save 20%

This is a solid Brass Bridge with smooth protective plastic feet to protect your cloth. Two Piece Bridge Stick

$11.99 msrp $14.99 Save 20%

This solid Wood bridge stick will fit screw on or push on or clamp on bridge heads. Available in Cherry or Maple Stains.

1 Review 7 Foot Heavy Duty Table Cover

$47.00 msrp $63.95 Save 26%

This cover is a heavy duty cover for a 7 foot table. The cover measures 91 x 52 x 8. This cover is available in Tan, Brown, Dark Green, and Black. Under Rail Brush

$2.79 msrp $2.99 Save 6%

Made to reach all the way under the rails. These are available in 5 colors, Chocolate, Honey, Midnight, Wine and Oak. Tip Pik and Chalk Holder Combo

$17.95 msrp $19.95 Save 10%

This product by Tip Pik protects you by having the pick surrounded and offers the convenience as a chalk holder. A great product from Tip Pik. Ultimate Tip Tool

$15.95 msrp $19.95 Save 20%

The Ultimate tool that sands, shapes and burnishes your tip. The Tool has 2 dome shaped sand discs, one dime and one nickel for... Two Piece Wall Rack Six Cues Clips

$7.95 msrp $9.95 Save 20%

This is a two piece rack for six cues with the top clips holding the shaft of the cue securely. Available in 4 different colors, Honey, Chocolate, Midnight and Wine. Lion Cone Chalk Holder

$22.50 msrp $25.00 Save 10%

The Lion cone chalk holder, comes in chocolate, honey, midnight and wine stain. It has a Lion ring on the bottom to add your towel.