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McDermott Performance shafts

McDermott cue offers 3 joint pin options on most of their cues. The most common is the original 3/8ths-10 pin. *Predator and OB 1 Cue Shafts are available as Partials, sometimes called shaft blanks. McDermott cue will use one of these to match the ring work on a new or used McDermott.

McDermott Cues OB-1 Shaft McDermott I Shafts Predator Shafts
3/8ths - 10 Pin Model 10 3/8ths - 10 3/8ths - 10
McDermott Quick Release * McDermott Quick Release" *
McDermott Uni-Loc Model UR McDermott Uni-Loc Uni-Loc Black Collar

McDermott recently introduced a new more affordable line of performance shafts called G-Core Shafts. They are a good quality shaft with some impressive technology. They are a solid maple shaft, except for the tip end of the cue. From the tip and 8 inches back the cue has a multilayer construction that includes a layer of carbon fiber. The result is a unique cue that is 1 solid piece of wood and still provides more predictable deflection and cue ball squirt. These cues also are available in different shaft diameters. A big plus that the other performance shafts do not offer. More details are available in our pool cue accessories/performance shafts section

Performance shafts of all makes can be found here. The performance shaft selection and technology has improved a great deal over the past few years. You can also find extra shafts for most major cue brands. A comprehensive guide for choosing the correct shaft with your cue is available.

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