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The Stun Shot

The Stun shot is an effective tool used to control the cue ball after contact with an object ball. It is a critical shot in many instances when you need to control the cue ball direction and distance along the tangent line.

In our previous articles we discussed the tangent line, following and drawing the cue ball and sidespin or side english. The Stun shot is a combination of a sliding cue ball with or without sidespin.

Stop shots are relatively easy when you are shooting straight on, a full ball hit. The stun shot is utilizing a stop cue ball stroke on shots that are cut shots. A well executed stun shot allows the cue ball to accurately follow the tangent line after contact with the object ball. The key to this is the cue ball must not be rolling forward or spinning backwards at the moment of contact. Depending on the distance between the cue and object ball, it may spin backwards when first struck but is sliding at the moment of contact with the object ball.

Learning to do this effectively on shots of all distances is the challenge. How hard you hit the cue ball as well as how low you strike the cue ball will produce effective stun shots. The key to all of these variations is the cue ball must be sliding at the moment it contacts the object ball. The finesse part of it is learning to accomplish this on short shots, long shots, hard hit shots and soft hit shots.

The stun shot can also be used with side english. This is useful if you need the cue ball to follow the tangent line to the rail, and then have some sidespin still remaining to alter the angle off the rail. This comes up very often with position play and is a very good way to avoid balls in the way of your desired position play.

When you master the stun shot you will have come a long way towards being a very competitive player. It takes a lot of practice and determination to master these techniques. Once you do your position play will look almost effortless.

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