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Billiards.com White Nylon Cue Clips

$0.19 msrp $1.99 Save 90%

These Clips may fit your custom cue rack in a more traditional room setting. The Nylon is almost indestructible

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Billiards.com Under Rail Brush

$0.25 msrp $2.99 Save 91%

Made to reach all the way under the rails. These are available in 5 colors, Chocolate, Honey, Midnight, Wine and Oak.

Billiards.com Metal Cue Clip With Plastic Rollers

$0.29 msrp $1.99 Save 85%

This brass colored metal cue clip has white plastic rollers. These clips are more of an older style clip that could work well on a custom cue rack.

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Vector Caliber C55 Carom Cue

$96.95 msrp $149.95 Save 35% plus FREE shipping

The Vector C55 Carom cue is specifically designed for Carom billiards. The C55 comes equipped with a 12mm Hard Rock Maple shaft with a...

Instroke Buffalo 2 Butt 4 Shaft Case

$344.65 msrp $429.00 Save 19% plus FREE shipping

The Buffalo cases are natural Buffalo Hide. They have a naturally soft look and texture.

Viking Cues A681

$677.50 msrp $775.00 Save 12% plus FREE shipping

The Viking A681 is a gorgeous cue and is built with Select Birdseye Maple. The forearm sports Vikings signature Bordeaux stain. The sleeve features Genuine Abalone, Black and...

  • 1-6 of 6 Results