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Action Navy Model VAL05

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Model 13 has a combination of blue and black swirl stain on the maple butt. The stainless collar adds a touch of class to this low cost no wrap cue.

***Stains will vary
Joint stainless collar-pin 5/16 18
Length 58"
Wrap None
Butt Birdseye maple stained black/blue
Shaft 29" hardrock maple, 10 - 12" pro taper, brass insert
Tip 10 layered, vacuum sealed, 13mm proprietary boar skin tip
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Great Cue

I have been playing pool off and on at bars and similar establishments for years. We recently created an official pool room at our own home, so I'm now truly "getting into pool" for the first time in my life. As such, I have now also invested in a nice cue for the first time ever. The Action Navy VAL05 is my very first cue purchase, and so far (about a week or so since delivery) it has not disappointed. It is a vast improvement over the house cues that delivered with the pool table, so I am very pleased and more than happy with the investment.

Bonus: the folks at were very helpful in selecting the best cue for me, as well as quick to answer questions about it after delivery.

Reviewed on 07/18/2022
Santa Cruz, California
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