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Cuetec Cynergy CT949

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The Cuetec CT949 is a sharp looking cue that features True-Wood Gray Walnut veneer on the forearm and sleeve. This cue is a wrap-less design with a gloss black handle. Topping this cue off is the Cuetec Cynergy Carbon Fiber 12.5mm shaft, which is one of the industry leaders in Carbon Fiber shafts. Comes with Cynergy joint protectors, cleaning wipes, free shipping and a free hard case to top it off.

Length 58"
Wrap None- Black Gloss
Butt True-Wood Gray Walnut veneer
Shaft 12.5mm, 29" Cynergy Carbon Fiber Shaft
Pin 3/8 x 14 stainless steel
Forearm True-Wood Gray Walnut veneer
Bumper Black rubber
Tip 12.5mm Tiger Sniper
Ferrule 1/4" White ABS
Included Cynergy cleaning wipes, Cynergy Joint protectors, Free Shipping, Free Case
Collar Thick Silver Ring
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Customer Reviews


Very Good Cue

I gave it a “4.5” due to the slick butt. I added a cue grip and it handle just fine. The cue shot great and the Cynergy shaft was spot on. The walnut color looks really nice with the black accent. Overall this cue shot really well, English was easy and the cue looks really good. I just wish Cuetec would have a wrap that’s more rubbery or a lux leather wrap. I would recommend this cue just because of the cost and the playability. Did I mention it comes with a 12.5 mm Cynergy shaft?

Reviewed on 12/09/2020
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