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Katana KAT12

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The KAT12 by Katana is a beautiful design that showcases a Cream forearm and sleeve with blue Perlite Swallowtail and black reverse points. The wrap on the KAT12 comes standard as solid black Irish linen. This cue comes equipped with the Katana Low Deflection shaft. Built with 10-piece radial construction & a 3/8” ferrule, this shaft has reduced front end mass that reduces vibrations. Get the KAT12 with either the 12.5mm Low Deflection shaft or the 11.5mm Slim Low Deflection shaft.

Plate Stainless steel with etched Katana logo
Sleeve Cream with blue perlite swallowtail and black reverse points with two black rings
Length 58"
Wrap Black Irish Linen
Shaft 29" 10 piece, low-deflection shaft, pro taper
Pin Piloted Uni - Loc
Forearm Cream forearm with blue perlite swallowtail and black points with two black rings
Bumper Black rubber
Tip 12.5mm Katana Tip by Tiger
Ferrule 3/8" Fiber
MSRP $595.00  You Save: 10.0%