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McDermott G223

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The G223 butt is made of a very unique and beautiful wood called Cocobolo. It comes from equatorial regions of South America and Asia. It is unique in its coloring which is naturally orange, brown and even red tones in the grain. The wood is complimented by silver white and cocobolo rings at the collar wrap and sleeve.

Joint 3/8ths-10 pin wood to wood with multiple rings
Sleeve Natural Cocobolo with multiple rings
Wrap Irish Linen Brown with White Speck
Shaft G-Core Performance Shaft
Forearm Natural Cocobolo with multiple rings
Tip Navigator Black
Ferrule Juma material 3/4 inch long
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Customer Reviews



I just bought the G223. This cue for a basic design has a beautiful finish to it. When shooting with it you will notice a soft feel but has a firm so the vibration back to you hand is minimal. Only suggestion I have for you if you purchase this cue is to find someone that knows how to shape a tip because the layering of the leather is awkward looking at fist. The tip does grab the ball well. You also can't beat the play quality from a his price point.

Reviewed on 01/09/2016
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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This was my first serious cue purchase. I've been playing for several years now and was tired of choosing from the pile at the local bars and pool halls. I'm OVERWHELMINGLY HAPPY with my decision!! Excellent craftsmanship and performance, a definite advantage over the house sticks. The G-Core Shaft, although not a high-end, low-deflection shaft, just plays amazingly. I've only experienced roughly 2 1/2 inches of deflection with max english and power ( But that's my shaft, yours may differ). Paired with the 3/8X10 joint gives this cue a very solid hit, hardly any vibration (if any) through the rest of the cue, even with forceful strikes. The Everest tip grips the ball superbly ( I have played everyday since I got it, and have not miscued yet, AND I HAVE TRIED). I let some of the old pool hounds where I play try it out, everyone who did play with it had nothing but positive things to say and compared it to their own cues, which are hundreds more dollars than this. The Cocobolo Wood really pops along with the white and silver rings and Brown white Speck Irish Linen wrap, rolls dead straight, secure joint, smooth shaft, holds chalk, and comes with a free case, what more do you want. Seriously, buy the damn thing, it's awesome!!!! McDermott scored a 10 out of 10 with this one!!!

Reviewed on 02/17/2015
Levi H.
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