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Meucci Casino 3 Cue

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The Casino 3 by Meucci is one of the sharpest cues you’ll see. This cue features four Blue Paua shell points encased with white outlines. The sleeve is packed with beautiful deigns you’ll only see by Meucci. A royal flush is featured between Paua Shell dice inlayed with white numbering. The wrap is a Meucci exclusive, it’s black with white speck and coated in Urethane so it give this cue a wrapless feel. One of a kind!

Sleeve 4 card royal flush in spades over a 48 piece blue Paua Shell sleeve trimmed with white on either side
Length 58"
Wrap None- Urethane coated Black with Natural Spec Irish linen wrap.
Shaft One Black Dot Bullseye 35-Layer laminated hard rock maple shaft (29" long). 14"-16" pro taper.
Pin 5/16x18
Forearm 4 authentic blue Paua Shell points framed in white.
Bumper Plug black rubber
Tip 12.75mm Medium-hard Lepro tip.
Ferrule 1" Polycarbonate
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