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Riley Snooker Cues RIL09

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The RIL09 features a 9.5mm blue diamond tip with a 1/4" Brass Ferrule. The all new WAC system allows for you to customize the weight of the cue up to 1.5oz. The handle of the RIL09 is made with Ash wood with brown splice and showcases a yellow veneer. The shaft is constructed using Premium Ash wood.

Plate None
Joint Brass Zip Z Loc quick release
Sleeve Ash wood with brown splice
Rings Weight adjusting rings each weighing .5oz in between forearm and handle
Length 58"
Wrap None
Shaft 28 1/2" Premium Quality North American Ash Shaft
Forearm Ash wood with sharp ebony points
Tip 9.5mm Blue Diamond Tip
Ferrule 1/4" Brass ferrule
Collar Brass
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Snooker Cue RIL09

Love this cue. It provides more area on the cue ball meaning less miss cues. I appreciate the fact weights can be added to provide me with weight I prefer. The only thing I don't understand is why they would leave off the rubber bumper guard on the bottom. I look at all the other RIL products and they have them. I would like to have one if its possible off of the 06 model.

Reviewed on 05/04/2018
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