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Schon CX94 Pool Cue

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The Schon CX94 sports a solid Purple heart sleeve and the forearm uses Maple with Purple heart and black points with white diamonds. The wrap ties this cue together nicely using black with white spec Irish linen. This cue features a Hard Rock Maple shaft with a 1 inch Proprietary ferrule. Schon cues are regarded as some of the best playing cues in the industry.

Joint Polished stainless steel, piloted
Sleeve Purple Heart
Length 58"
Wrap Irish linen, black with white specs
Shaft 29'' long with a 10" to 12'' pro taper, hard rock maple
Pin 5/16" 14 pitch, stainless steel
Forearm Maple with Purple heart and black points with white diamonds
Bumper Black rubber, and is secured by a screw which threads into the weight bolt in the bottom of the cue
Tip 13mm proprietary backed tip, hard (similar to water buffalo tip)
Ferrule Proprietary "Schon" brand, developed to hit like ivory
Collar (shaft & joint)
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