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Cyclop Zeus Tournament TV Pro Set

$249.99 msrp $300.00 plus FREE shipping

The Cyclop ZEUS TV pool ball set are the best pool balls on the market. This set uses 85% pure phenolic resin and is of the highest...

Cyclop TV Cue Ball

$30.99 msrp $35.99

The TV cue ball by Cyclop is one of the most popular cue balls worldwide. These balls are constructed of this highest quality phenolic resin that makes these the most durable and best playing cue on the market. The TV cue ball is a standard 2.25" in diameter and manufactured with high-grade phenolic resin and is 85% pure phenolic resin.

Cyclop Red Dot Cue Ball

$24.99 msrp $30.00

The Cyclop Red Dot cue ball has one single red dot. This cue ball comes standard with the Zeus ball set and features a beautiful white glossy finish. This phenolic cue ball is built to the highest of standards.

  • 1-3 of 3 Results