Shot! Wild Frontier Trapper Soft Tip Dart Set |

Shot! Wild Frontier Trapper Soft Tip Dart Set

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The Trapper Soft tip dart set is a 80% Tungsten front weighted dart that has been honed to hit its mark and bite the board like a rattlesnake. This dart set features the revolver grip, our most positive and comfortable grip yet. This grip profile allows you to relax your finger but still maintain complete control of the dart. Finished with a highly reflective cactus green and instilled with the courage of the pioneer, here lies the freedom to rebel and play your way.


Barrel 80% Tungsten
Featured Grip Revolver Grip
Threads 2BA
Grip Level 4/5
Balance Front Weighted
Flights Wild Frontier Trapper Flights-Small Standard
Shape Front Loaded
Shafts Black Aluminium Anodised Pyramid Inbetween Shafts
Darts Set of 3
Points Premium Lippoint
MSRP $84.99  You Save: 11.8%