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Shot! Zen Kyudo Soft Tip Darts

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Inspired by ancient Japanese longbow archery, the Kyudo is your weapon to embrace a more straight forward, yet still deadly means of combat. Each center weighted 90% Tungsten barrel is precision machined for an effortless, accurate grip, protected by black titanium only microns thick. Follow the way of the bow, where true shooting leads to certain hitting. This set features a tapered nose and a classic mix of ring and scallop grip. Continuous grip and reference points run along the length of the barrel, with a distinctive scallop for thumb placement at the back third section. Coated in sleek Black Titanium for added durability and good looks.


Balance Center Weighted
Flights Zen Kyudo Flights-Small Standard
Barrel 90% Tungsten
Grip Level 3/5
Featured Grip Ring Grip
Thread 2BA
Shape Pencil
Shafts Eagle Claw-Black-Inbetween
Darts Set of 3
Points Premium Lippoint
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