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Championship Invitational Cloth with Teflon

$99.75 msrp $149.00 plus FREE shipping

The Invitational with Teflon by Championship is a 21-ounce fabric that offers the added feature of DuPont Teflon. The product is bathed...

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Vector Caliber SP1 Sneaky Pete

$52.95 msrp $79.95

The Caliber SP1 is a quality North American maple two piece cue. The shaft is a full 29" long with a 10-12 inch pro taper. The shaft also features...

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Vector Caliber C20

$149.95 msrp $209.95 plus FREE shipping

The Caliber C20 has classic styling with modern materials and quality. The multiple points with veneers are inlayed in to the Maple forearm. These are rea...

Shot! Totem Steel Tip

$49.99 msrp $59.99

With precision artwork inspired by Aztec tribal designs the Totem steel tip dart is the dart you need to carve your own path. The dart…

Elkadart Black Mamba Steel Tip Dart

$53.75 msrp $69.99

The Black Mamba Steel tip set is a sleek top of the range dart with a tungsten barrel with a black coating & beautifully...

Target Daytona Fire Steel Tip Dart Set

$179.00 msrp $215.00 plus FREE shipping

Inspired by the design and perfect form of Target's peerless Elysian dart, the Daytona Fire dart shares the same distinctive trapezoidal prisms...

Winmau Blade 5 Dart Board

$69.99 msrp $89.99

The Winmau Blade 5 has a 14% thinner wiring system than the previous generation Blade 4 for higher scoring potential. With the 30…

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Elite Break Cue HEAVY

$107.10 msrp $119.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

This break cue from Elite is extra heavy. The weight comes in a whopping 27oz!! The weight is not adjustable. This break cue has added power because the wood-to-wood joint...

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Unicorn Eclipse HD2

Temporary Price Reduction
$85.00 msrp $109.99 Save 22% plus FREE shipping

The Eclipse HD2 board features ground-breaking technology, setting a new standard for dartboards in both look, performance and quality. Using the finest...

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Billiards.com Tip Master Tip Tool

$20.95 msrp $24.99

This 6 in 1 tool is essential for any pool player to maintain their tip for optimal play. It has a Dime Shaper, Nickel Shaper, Tip Pick...

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Spencer Marston Hotshot Ball Set

$99.00 msrp $159.99 plus FREE shipping

The Hotshot Epoxy Resin balls are harder, smoother and more durable than polyester ball sets.

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McDermott i-Shafts

$256.50 msrp $285.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The i-Shafts system from McDermott offers 3 shaft options for different playing conditions. The quickest way to powerful accurate shots has arrived!

Delta-13 Select Aluminum Rack

$89.95 msrp $99.95 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The all aluminum Delta 13 rack is possibly the best billiard ball rack ever made. Guaranteed for life against warping, bending or splintering. The...

Predator 9K-1 Cue

$669.00 Best price plus FREE shipping

The new 9K series from Predator stands for the pinnacle of high-performance. The 9K-1 features a Black Hard Maple forearm with a Extended...

McDermott G-Core Performance Shafts

$157.50 msrp $175.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

New performance shafts from McDermott at a highly affordable price! The latest performance shaft technology providing unmatched radial consistency and increased shaft stability. ....

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Vector Thunder Sport Wrap HEAVY Break Cue

$119.95 msrp $209.95 plus FREE shipping

The Thunder Sport Wrap Break Cue offers excellent performance in a HEAVY break cue that is within the BCA specifications. This Heavy Break Cue is 25 ounces. It has...

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Vector Caliber SP2 Sneaky Pete

$69.95 msrp $104.95

The Caliber SP2 by Vector cues is a Sneaky Pete cue with a sharp floating point design bordered with black veneers. The handle is made of ....

Viper Black Ice Soft Tip Set

$18.39 msrp $24.99

The Black Ice Dart Set features the popular black coated brass barrels. Available in 3 different colors with different weight options , this black coated beauty features.... .

Predator BLAK4-1

$1,070.00 Best price plus FREE shipping

The Predator BLAK4-1 from Billiards.com comes standard with one of the most popular shafts on the market, the Predator performance shaft. This beautiful cue...

DARTSLIVE USA 200S Electronic Dart Board

Temporary Price Reduction
$249.99 msrp $420.00 Save 40% plus FREE shipping

Billiards.com is excited to bring the fun and excitement of DARTSLIVE into the US and into the homes of all the DARTSLIVE players. At...

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Aramith Training Cue Ball

$40.07 msrp $50.09 Save 20%

The Jim Rempe Training Cue Ball has precise target areas mapped out on the ball.

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Pro Series PRO35 cue case

$79.99 msrp $99.99 Save 20% plus FREE shipping

The Pro Series PRO35 hard case includes 2 storage pockets. The larger pocket is 14.5 inches long and is large enough to hold the butt of a jump cue....

Bottelsen Skinny's Convertible Conversion Dart

$71.12 msrp $88.90

Bottelsen's most popular soft tip dart is offered in a convertible. Convertible darts are compatible with both electronic soft tip dartboards and steel tip...