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Championship Invitational Cloth with Teflon

$95.75 msrp $112.75 plus FREE shipping

The Invitational with Teflon by Championship is a 21-ounce fabric that offers the added feature of DuPont Teflon. The product is bathed...

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Vector Caliber C20

$139.95 msrp $199.95 plus FREE shipping

The Caliber C20 has classic styling with modern materials and quality. The multiple points with veneers are inlayed in to the Maple forearm. These are rea...

McDermott Navigator Alpha

$25.00 Best price

The Navigator Alpha tips are made with 10 layers of Japanese Pigskin leather that are bonded, and then compressed for 3 minutes. The result...

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Vector Caliber JB1 Jump Break

$76.95 msrp $109.95 plus FREE shipping

This full length 58” jump break cue features two quick release joint pins at the shaft and jump butt, a genuine Irish linen wrap and a super hard stacked leather tip.

McDermott Navigator BLACK

$25.00 Best price

The Navigator BLACK tips by McDermott are a 10 layer tip that is made from Japanese Pigskin leather which are assembled using a...

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Elite Break Cue HEAVY

$107.10 msrp $119.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

This break cue from Elite is extra heavy. The weight comes in a whopping 27oz!! The weight is not adjustable. This break cue has added power because the wood-to-wood joint...

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Billiards.com 3 X 6 Hard Black Vinyl Cue Case

$74.65 msrp $89.00

Form fitted for 3 Butts and 6 Shafts this case can handle just about everything. It has one large and one small storage pocket. It has...

Joss JOS-SP01 Sneaky Pete

$279.65 msrp $329.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The JOS-SP is a high performance Sneaky Pete cue. This simple yet elegant design features a Curly Maple forearm with 4 exotic Cocobolo points. The sleeve and handle...

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Unicorn Eclipse HD2

Temporary Price Reduction
$85.00 msrp $109.99 Save 22% plus FREE shipping

The Eclipse HD2 board features ground-breaking technology, setting a new standard for dartboards in both look, performance and quality. Using the finest...

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Spencer Marston Hotshot Ball Set

$99.00 msrp $159.99 plus FREE shipping

The Hotshot Epoxy Resin balls are harder, smoother and more durable than polyester ball sets.

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McDermott i-Shafts

$233.10 msrp $259.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The i-Shafts system from McDermott offers 3 shaft options for different playing conditions. The quickest way to powerful accurate shots has arrived!

McDermott G-Core Performance Shafts

$143.10 msrp $159.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

New performance shafts from McDermott at a highly affordable price! The latest performance shaft technology providing unmatched radial consistency and increased shaft stability. ....

OB Cues DigiCue Blue

Temporary Price Reduction
$134.99 msrp $187.00 Save 27% plus FREE shipping

The DigiCue Blue is a bluetooth-enabled electronic billiards coach that fits inside a soft rubber housing and attaches to the butt end of any pool, snooker or billiard...

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Vector 3x6 Spring Loaded Hard Case

$109.00 msrp $134.99 plus FREE shipping

This textured rugged vinyl looks just like Leather and wears even better than leather. It features 2 large storage pockets. A sturdy side...

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Vector Caliber SP2 Sneaky Pete

$64.95 msrp $99.95

The Caliber SP2 by Vector cues is a Sneaky Pete cue with a sharp floating point design bordered with black veneers. The handle is made of ....

Viper Black Ice Soft Tip Set

$18.39 msrp $24.99

The Black Ice Dart Set features the popular black coated brass barrels. Available in 3 different colors with different weight options , this black coated beauty features.... .

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Ballstar Pro Automatic Ball Cleaner Polisher

$459.99 msrp $599.95 Save 23%

For optimum life of your pool balls it pays to keep them clean. Many ball sets are a big investment. protect yours.

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NFL Licensed Products NFL Team Ball Sets

$229.00 msrp $269.00 Save 14% plus FREE shipping

These new NFL Licensed ball sets are a full set for each team. The sets include the NFL logo cue ball and the referee 8 ball. These are quality 2-1/4 inch standard size and weight balls.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 3 Level Heckler Feature

$249.99 msrp $329.00 plus FREE shipping

The Cricket Pro 800 is the top of the line electronic dart game. The features and benefits of this model are extensive. Four player simultaneous player score, 7 cricket games, micro thin segment dividers, solo play feature, player handicap feature and the list goes on.

J. Pechauer JP01-Q

$252.00 msrp $280.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The J. Pechauer JP01-Q is constructed using Birdseye Maple and is stained with a Rosewood colored stain. The wrap is genuine Irish linen. The standard...

Aramith Power Ball Washer

$103.31 msrp $129.13 Save 19% plus FREE shipping

The Power Ball Cleaner by Aramith is a motorized individual ball cleaner. This device is easy to use, simply apply a dime amount of Aramith ball cleaner...

Cuetec CT275 Pool Cue

$121.60 msrp $152.00 plus FREE shipping

If your looking for a competitive edge every time you shoot the Cuetec CT275 is your cue! An extremely strong fiberglass shield covers a solid wood core on this cue, which is...

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Players G-2290

$106.24 msrp $124.99 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Players G-2290 is a stunning wrapless cue that features a Natural Birdseye Maple forearm and butt sleeve with Walnut stained Birdseye maple. The G-2290 comes...