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Outlaw Model OL14 9 Ball Horseshoe

$203.40 msrp $226.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The Outlaw OL14 "Dark 9" is a dark stained maple cue with genuine saddle leather wrap. The forearm and sleeve both have a horseshoe...

Schon CX01 Pool Cue

$700.00 msrp $875.00 Save 20% plus FREE shipping

The CX01 cue uses the best materials available to to build. The CX01 will provide you with a very solid hit that all Schon cues are known for. The stiff hit is generated by the piloted...

McDermott G407

$603.00 msrp $670.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The G407 has a Birdseye Maple forearm and sleeve with American cherry stain. The handle is a no wrap natural Birdseye maple. Bordering the handle on...

Viking Cues B4509

$468.00 msrp $520.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

Timeless beauty is the best way to describe the Viking B4509 pool cue. The Viking B4509 comes standard with a East Indian Rosewood forearm with delicate pearl inlays and Irish linen...

Balabushka Cues GB-23 pool cue

$891.00 msrp $990.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The GB-23 is a George Balabushka signature series pool cue. This pool cue has a natural stained birdseye maple forearm with four sharp ebony points with maple...

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Balabushka Cues GB9 Pool Cue

$747.00 msrp $830.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The GB-9 pool cue from Balabushka is a very sharp cue using the stainless rings in the sleeve and simple but elegant mother-of-pearl inlays. This Balabushka pool cue is...

Predator 9K-2 Cue

$719.00 Best price plus FREE shipping

The 9K-2 by Predator is a beautiful cue packed with performance. The forearm features a Crimson stained Birdseye Maple with an Extended Uni-Loc® Leather...

Meucci JS-S Jayson Shaw

$459.00 msrp $540.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

Th JS-S is from the Jayson Shaw series by Meucci. This cue features a Smoke stained highly figured Birdseye maple forearm and a Smoke stained highly...

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McDermott G436

$594.00 msrp $660.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

McDermott brings 175 years of experience from 15 cue artisans. The manufacturing process includes over 150 separate operations ...

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McDermott GS05

$261.00 msrp $290.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The GS05 has an Emerald Green European organic stain on the Michigan Maple forearm and butt sleeve. This is a good shade of green that has a rich...

McDermott GS02

$261.00 msrp $290.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The GS02 has a Pacific Blue European stain under the UV resistent polyurethane, and over the Michigan Maple sleeve and forearm. The shaft...

Viking Cues B5221

$576.00 msrp $640.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The B5221 is one of the sharpest designs out. Viking is the master of the mirror inlays! The sleeve features black IMA accented beautifully by mirror...

McDermott Stinger NG08 with Sport Wrap

$315.00 msrp $350.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The Stinger NG08 features a black textured sport wrap for one of the best grips in the game. This jump/break cue offers the Stinger technology which...

McDermott H850

$918.00 msrp $1,020.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The H850 is a sharp looking cue that features a Birdseye maple forearm & sleeve with double-wash grey & natural walnut stain. The wrap is different than any other McDermott, they've used a black...

4 Reviews

McDermott G203

$324.00 msrp $360.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

On the G203 the Dark English Organic stain looks really sharp with the german Brass rings at the collar and sleeve. The G-core shaft is one of...

PureX HXT-C13

$270.50 msrp $300.55 Save 9% plus FREE shipping

This simple-yet-classy cue design shows you have a no-frills approach to your game. The midnight black forearm and butt with Mz Multi-Zone Grip are just a few of the outstanding features of this cue.

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McDermott G331

$436.50 msrp $485.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The G331 has a mahogany stained birdseye maple forearm. The sleeve is a natural birdseye maple with 6 green urethane clover inlays inside....

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$261.35 msrp $290.39 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

This Sneaky Pete features a Mystic black forearm, Mystic black points and a sleek wrapless straight grain Maple handle. Beyond just looking sharp, this cue has a low deflection shaft topped with a Kamui...

Vector Junior 48" Brown

msrp $59.95

The Vector Junior 48" Brown is a high quality cue that is perfect to get your kids into Billiards at an early age. These cues are..

PureX HXT-C14

$270.50 msrp $300.55 Save 9% plus FREE shipping

The HXT-C14 by PureX has a sleek silver forearm and butt with a Back-end loaded Mz Multi-Zone Grip for a super comfortable grip that won’t slip in your...

McDermott M72F-PK Heartbreaker 2

$297.00 msrp $330.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

This is the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation Cue. This Special Edition cue features metallic pink paint with McDermott's top selling Heartbreaker artwork.

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Lucasi Hybrid® L-H40

$551.03 msrp $612.25 Save 9% plus FREE shipping

New from Lucasi comes the Lucasi Hybrid cue in Shadow Silver, with Total Sweet Spot Construction, Zero Flex-Point Ferrule, X-Shox Dampening System and a G5 Grip...

PureX HXT-C12

$237.93 msrp $264.37 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

This cue has a grey stained Birds-eye Maple forearm and butt with a double pressed Black & White Spot Linen Wrap. The HXT Low Deflection shaft is topped with a Kamui Black soft tip and a 1” HXT High-tech...

Athena ATH09

$189.00 msrp $210.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The Athena 09 features a red stained forearm with a black with red speck irish linen wrap, finished off with a blacked stained maple sleeve featuring a rose and spiral…