Game Room Furniture Wall Cue Racks

Wall cue racks in all shapes and sizes.

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Spencer Marston Deluxe Wall Cue Rack

$239.95 msrp $349.95 plus FREE shipping

The Deluxe wall cue rack is our top of the line offering for full sized wall cue racks. They are available in 5 stain colors and made with solid wood.... Two Piece Wall Rack Six Cues Clips

$11.50 msrp $14.95

This is a two piece rack for six cues with the top clips holding the shaft of the cue securely. Available in 4 different colors, Honey, Chocolate, Midnight and Wine.

Ram Gameroom Products Metal Wall Mount Cue Rack

$218.00 msrp $297.00 plus FREE shipping

These sturdy, metal wall-mounted cue racks offer an alternative to the flimsy wooden racks of the same size and weight. They are available in 4 colors... Two Piece Wall Rack For 12 Cues with Clips

$13.95 msrp $15.95

This is a 2 piece 12 cue wall rack made of solid wood. It has soft plastic clips the cue shaft sits in and it comes with screws for direct.... Two Piece Wall Rack for 12 Cues with holes

$12.95 msrp $14.95

This is a traditionally-styled, wall-mounted cue rack for up to 12 cues. This rack has holes at the top (not clips). White Nylon Cue Clips

$1.49 msrp $1.99

These Clips may fit your custom cue rack in a more traditional room setting. The Nylon is almost indestructible

1 Review Spring Steel Cue Clips

$1.99 msrp $2.29

These Spring Steel Cue Clips will never loose their tension. Black rollers finish off these classically syled clips. Great for dressing up your basic cue holders. Small Black Cue Clip (Shaft Size)

$0.69 msrp $0.99

These small black cue clips are shaft sized for the top end of cue racks. The screw hole has a taper so that the screw head should not... Metal Cue Clip With Plastic Rollers

$1.49 msrp $1.99

This brass colored metal cue clip has white plastic rollers. These clips are more of an older style clip that could work well on a custom cue rack.

1 Review Large Black Cue Clips

$0.99 msrp $1.49

These large cue clips can hold a cue much lower in case you are using a rack with limited wall space... Two Piece wall Rack 8 Cues holes

$10.95 msrp $12.95

Eight cues are securely held in this traditionally styled, two-piece wall rack. The top portion has holes to securely hold the top end of your cues.

  • 1-11 of 11 Results