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Fat Cat 3-in-1 Flip Gametable

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Three games, one table. More action, less space. Your game room just got a whole lot more fun! No matter what your game is, this table has it! Feel like a game of billiards? No problem. Maybe you’re ready for some air-powered hockey action? Got it. If you’re feeling really competitive, it could be time for a table tennis showdown. Done. No need to add a room onto the house. All three games are right here and ready at your flip.

Accessories included:

1 set of 1 5/8” billiard balls 2 - 48” cues 1 resin triangle 1 billiard brush 2 pushers and 2 pucks 2 table tennis paddles and 2 balls 1 net and post set 2 plastic cue holders

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Table Tennis 3/8" MDF with blue PVC and printed TT lines
Billiard Features 60" X 27" playing surface, Green Velvet
Air Powered Hockey Features 9 mm air channel, hockey graphic
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