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The X-1 tool prolongs the life and appearance of your Simonis cloth by using static electricity and capillary action to lift chalk dust out of the cloth while the specially woven fabric pad traps it in the tool. Simply vacuum the fabric pad on the X-1 when it is filled with chalk and reuse. Instructions included.

Not recommended for use with TeflonĀ®-treated or woolen cloths.

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Cloth cleaner

This item works great. Even sold my first one I bought to a fellow pool player.

Reviewed on 01/18/2016
C. Newman
Florence, Kentucky
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Works as claimed; pretty neat product.

The cloth cleaner does a nice job of removing the blue chalk dust from the cloth. The white pad is definitely turning blue after a few weeks use, and the cloth looks great after cleaning. The cleaner is ok for cat hair and other particles on the table. But I did have to use a damp cloth to remove the white "burn marks" from where I break the rack at the head of the table. I shoot about 3 hours a week on my home table, mostly 8 ball, and have Simonis 760 green cloth. Overall I think the Simonis X-1 performs as advertised, but is a bit pricey. It is definitely better than a brush.

Reviewed on 11/17/2014
Chicago area.
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