Velocity Pro Worsted Cloth

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Velocity Pro sets a new standard for value-priced worsted cloth. High performance cloth at traditional felt prices. This is a set for your table that includes the rails pre-cut. Two table spots are included in every order and each piece is marked for proper install

  • Worsted construction resists tracks and grooves that impact accuracy of play
  • 21oz Tight weave naturally repels liquid spills and resists stains
  • Worsted construction virtually eliminates pilling and fuzzing.
  • Higher wool content (85%) minimizes ball marks and extends cloth life.
  • Available in 7' 8' and 9 foot lengths.
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Customer Reviews


Great cloth, play very fast!

This was the first time I recovered a table and it was a challenging project. If it's your first time just take your time and you can do it! I bought this table on Craigslist and it's a nice table. An 8 ft. Cannon that was hardly ever used but it had the fuzzy cloth. I wanted a worsted cloth that played fast because the pool hall that I play at has very fast cloth and I have trouble playing there. I have another table ( an 8 ft. Olhausen with Simonis 860 cloth) That plays slower than Velocity Pro. The nice thing about Velocity Pro is that it forces you to control the cue ball or you will be out of luck.

I tried to find videos of how to do the recovering but there aren't many good how to do it you tube videos.

The best was a three part series by Legacy on assembly and installing cloth. They are very detailed. Most of the others are by pros who are more interested in how fast they work rather than explaining the steps to an amateur. I looked at everything I could find and it did help. I also bought a book on repair and maintenance of pool tables. Altogether, everything helped. My project turned out great but I would mention that there is a difference installing worsted cloth compared to standard cloth. The videos don't explain this at all. It's more difficult on the rails and the pockets. It doesn't stretch like the fuzzy cloth. You have to be very careful and watch the videos carefully to see how the pro's stretch the cloth on the rails and pockets. Watch there movements very closely. There is an art to this. If you don't follow closely you will be frustrated and you will not get great results. I had to pull staples out several times to get everything just right. With the rails my first on was ok and they got progressively better and faster. Same with the pockets on the bed. Good luck and take your time if it's your first. I hope this helps!

Reviewed on 01/29/2015
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Great quality texture color

Reviewed on 04/04/2016
New jersey
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