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Ram Gameroom Products FIL-KD Pool Table Light

$518.00 msrp $747.00 Save 30% plus FREE shipping

The FIL-KD Light is a combination of a classic pool table light and the antique filigree designs from the 1800's...

Ram Gameroom Products Odessa 44 Inch Pool Table Light

$498.00 msrp $747.00 Save 33% plus FREE shipping

The Odessa light combines light purple and tan stained glass panels with solid metal framing. Each side panel is glass and the frame is a dark brown metal which helps protect the glass from an occasional bump with pool cues.

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Ram Gameroom Products Billiards KD Series Pool Table Lights

$498.00 msrp $747.00 Save 33% plus FREE shipping

The KD Series Pool Table lights are new from Ram Gameroom. The framing of the stained glass is metal which gives the light more strength and makes it safer to ship than the all glass models. The new price is great too!

Z-Lite Kirkland Rustic Mahogany Light

$814.00 msrp $1,210.00 Save 32% plus FREE shipping

The Z-Light Kirkland Rustic Mahogany light is a beautiful open cage frame that features ten-lights. The frame is constructed using…

Z-Lite Kirkland Ashen Barnboard Light

$814.00 msrp $1,210.00 Save 32% plus FREE shipping

The Z-Lite Kirkland Ashen Barnboard light is a ten-light design that is perfect for a industrial motif. The open cage-inspired silhouette features a faux barnwood frame with ashen barnboard hardware accents.

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Ram Gameroom Products The Bistro Lounge Pool Table Light

$738.00 msrp $1,107.00 Save 33% plus FREE shipping

This brilliant stained glass fixture depicts a club scene with people playing billiards and dancing. The lively colors and antique bronze finish...

Ram Gameroom Products KD-Lounge

$598.00 msrp $750.00 Save 20% plus FREE shipping

The KD-Lounge by Ram Gameroom is a Solid Steel Design with Stained Glass. This light has an attractive design that is sure to add a unique feel and style to your game room.

Ram Gameroom Products Mercury Mica-KD

$498.00 msrp $747.00 Save 33% plus FREE shipping

The MM-KD pool table light has a modern metal frame design with a beige mica and mirrored affect mercury glass....

Ram Gameroom Products Tiffany Style Billiards Light

$598.00 msrp $837.00 Save 28% plus FREE shipping

A classic billiards design with green, blue or red stained glass trim. This overhead fixture brings the instant feel of a billiard hall to any...

Ram Gameroom Products Classic Billiards Overhead Light

$998.00 msrp $1,497.00 Save 33% plus FREE shipping

A classy and beautiful Tiffany stained glass light fixture that would bring the feel of a classic billiard hall to any game room. The green glass...

  • 1-10 of 10 Results