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A large selection of tip scuffers shapers and repair tools are included here.

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Cue Cube Cue Cube

$6.95 msrp $8.95

This is the original Cue Cube for preparing and shaping your tip. One side shapes the pool cue tip to a perfect radius. The other side scuffs...

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Cuetec Bowtie Tip Tool

$16.95 msrp $19.99

The Bowtie Tip tool is a great three in one solution to tip care. This tool has a built in nickel shaper, scuffer and tip pick. Whether you need to... Combination Tip-Pik and Scuffer

$9.99 msrp $16.99

The Combination Tip Pik and scuffer accomplishes 2 tasks for you. The scuffer will mold and shape your leather tip to a standard circumference The Pik will rough up the leather to help chalk stay on without taking material off and premamaturely wearing out the tip.

Chalk Box Inc The Bullet Chalk Holder and Scuffer

$10.99 msrp $13.99

This is a great looking Chalk holder. The Bullet stays in your pocket but you still get easy access to your chalk and a quality tip scuffer. Available in...

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Tweeten Cue Repair Kit

$14.99 msrp $15.25

The Tweeten Home Repair Kit contains cement, cue tips, a tip clamp, cue top sander, scuffer, chalk, and table spots. Tip Master Tip Tool

$20.95 msrp $24.99

This 6 in 1 tool is essential for any pool player to maintain their tip for optimal play. It has a Dime Shaper, Nickel Shaper, Tip Pick... The Original Tip Pik

$11.95 msrp $16.99

The Tip Pik pokes deep pockets into your pool cue tip. When you chalk up, these pockets hold onto the chalk longer, resulting in fewer miscues. The...

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Willard Tip Shapers

$12.99 msrp $14.99

The Willard Tip Shaper will shape your tip and confirm it with the notch in its side. Available as dime or nickel size and as a can opener. Tip Pik and Chalk Holder Combo

$10.95 msrp $19.95 Save 45%

This product by Tip Pik protects you by having the pick surrounded and offers the convenience as a chalk holder. A great product from Tip Pik. Ultimate Tip Tool

$17.95 msrp $19.95

The Ultimate tool that sands, shapes and burnishes your tip. The Tool has 2 dome shaped sand discs, one dime and one nickel for...

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Chalk Box Inc Combination Chalker and Scuffer

$6.95 msrp $8.50

These are well made and very functional products. The combination Chalker Scuffer perfectly fits chalk on one side and has a scuffer built in...

4 Reviews Rapid Cue Top Sander

$20.95 msrp $27.99

The Rapid Cue Top Sander Attaches to your cue to provide a flat smooth ferrule before replacing your tip. This model is superior in... Old Style Tip Sander/Scuffer

$2.05 msrp $2.99

These sanders were very popular in the 60's and 70's. It has a curved shape that helps scuff as well as keeping your tip shaped correctly. Rapid Cue Top Sander Replacement Discs

$4.39 msrp $6.00

Replacement discs for the rapid Cue Top sander. There are 12 discs per package . Black Tip Tapper

$5.00 Best price

This is the most economical tip tapper. It penetrates your tip for greater chalk adhesion.

Chalk Box Inc 8 Ball Logo Chalkers

$4.99 msrp $6.99

The 8 Ball logo chalkers by Chalk Box are available in black or pink. These hold one piece of chalk perfectly and are very functional.

Kamui Gator Grip Tip tool

$23.96 msrp $49.95 Save 52%

The Kamui All-In-One Tip shaper, Scuffer and Burnisher. This is made of micro textured stainless steel and comes in Box Wood(brown) or Ebony(black). Seals together... Sandman Tip Tool

$18.95 msrp $19.95

The Sandman Tip tool is a tip scuffer and leather burnisher in one. The coarse metal inside the scuffer is part of the metal and will never... Brad Scuffer

$11.95 msrp $14.95

This circular disc scuffer is great for any level of pool player. Keep your cue tip rough to maintain its chalk retention capabilities... Super Q Tool

$17.95 msrp $21.95

The Super Q tool is a 5 in 1 tool is Made of metal and features...

Joe Porper Mushroom Grazer

$18.35 msrp $22.95

The Mushroom Grazer by Joe Porper Creative inventions has an adjustable dial to trim any thickness of tip. It will accommodate tips up to...

Joe Porper Little Shaver

$18.35 msrp $22.95

The Little Shaver from Joe Porper's Creative Inventions, has a round cutting that trims straight and even with the ferrule. It works great on new... Ultimate Tip Tool Refills


The Ultimate tool that sands, shapes and burnishes your tip. The Tool has 2 dome shaped sand discs, one dime and one nickel for...

  • 1-23 of 23 Results