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Vector Caliber C55 Carom Cue

$104.95 msrp $149.95 Save 30% plus FREE shipping

The Vector C55 Carom cue is specifically designed for Carom billiards. The C55 comes equipped with a 12mm Hard Rock Maple shaft with a...

Elite Snooker Cue 03

$50.15 msrp $59.00 Save 15%

The Snooker 03 has four Acacia wood prongs and white, red, white and Acacia spliced veneers. To speak to the tune of performance the Elite 03 has added feel because the...

Elite Snooker Cue 01

$41.65 msrp $49.00 Save 15%

This is a very basic and affordable snooker cue by Elite cues. The butt sleeve is black stained maple. The tip on the Elite 01 has a 10mm snooker tip. The innovative designs...

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Riley Snooker Cues RILS06

$74.00 msrp $90.00 Save 17%

The RIL06 from Riley features four ebony points on the forearm. It comes with a 9.5mm Blue Diamond tip assuring you that only the best materials are used on Riley cues.

Riley Snooker Cues RIL07

$84.15 msrp $99.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Riley RIL07 is a red stained Snooker cue with ebony splices. Delivered with a 9.5mm Blue Diamond tip and 1/4" brass ferrule. Riley Snooker cues...

4 Reviews

Riley Snooker Cues RIL11

$84.15 msrp $99.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The RIL11 is manufactured by Riley which has received world-wide recognition as a leader in snooker cues and innovative technologies over the past...

Riley Snooker Cues Smart Extension Nine Inch

$21.95 msrp $23.95 Save 8%

This is a 9" Extension for Riley Snooker Cues. It screws in to the sleeve of the following cue, RILS06.

Riley Snooker Cues RIL09

$109.65 msrp $129.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The RIL09 features a 9.5mm blue diamond tip with a 1/4" Brass Ferrule. The all new WAC system allows for you to customize the weight of the cue up to 1.5oz. The...

  • 1-8 of 8 Results