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Clearance Falcon FA12-6

$434.00 msrp $630.00 Save 31% plus FREE shipping

The Falcon FA12-6 is a spectacular cue that features white bone and Abolone inlays from top to bottom. The cue is built with Ebony and comes equipped with a solid...

Clearance Star Cues S21

$99.99 msrp $149.00 Save 32% plus FREE shipping

The Star S21 is one of the more popular models by Star cues. The Four Aces cue is a great looking cue that uses 3D image carving perfected by McDermott Cue. The forearm and sleeve feature the "Four Aces" design and are tied together nicely by the black with red spec Irish linen wrap.

McDermott G307

$259.00 msrp $360.00 Save 28% plus FREE shipping

The G307 has a curly maple forearm with a rich American Cherry stain. The butt sleeve is made with Cocobolo wood and recon ebony. The sleeve...

Clearance Falcon LE12-2 Meadowpine

$425.00 msrp $850.00 Save 50% plus FREE shipping

The Meadowpine by Falcon is a limited edition cue that features some exotic inlays. The forearm and sleeve are made with Rosewood and are adorned...

Clearance Falcon FA12-7

$454.00 msrp $650.00 Save 30% plus FREE shipping

The Falcon FA12-7 comes with a Rosewood forearm and sleeve. Adorning the cue are four black veneers with white bone and Turquoise inlays. A black hand pressed...

Clearance Falcon WALE-4

$264.00 msrp $600.00 Save 56% plus FREE shipping

The Falcon WALE-4 is a great looking model that features Ebony in the forearm and sleeve. Throughout the cue are precise inlays made of White bone and...