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McDermott M64B Professional Series Cue

$359.00 msrp $520.00 Save 30% plus FREE shipping

The McDermott M64B Professional Series Summit cue is made of highly figured Premium Natural Mahogany-stained Birdseye Maple and features four....

Balabushka Cues GB8 Pool Cue

$747.00 msrp $830.00 plus FREE shipping

The GB-8 from Balabushka reflects some of the early cues George made with clean lines, multiple veneers bordering the points and mother of pearl. This Balabushka pool cue...

Meucci Gambler 03

$714.00 msrp $840.00 plus FREE shipping

The Gambler 03 is another in the deck of cards series by Meucci. Available in different suit's, this cue is the most understated model of the series of...

Meucci High Pro 03

$531.25 msrp $625.00 plus FREE shipping

The High Pro 03 includes the Black Dot Bullseye Shaft which is the most consistent, high tech, peak performing cue shaft that is flat-laminated from 35 northern hard rock maple...

Viking Cues A681

$697.50 msrp $775.00 plus FREE shipping

The Viking A681 is a gorgeous cue and is built with Select Birdseye Maple. The forearm sports Vikings signature Bordeaux stain. The sleeve features Genuine Abalone, Black and...

Clearance Predator IKON 201

$539.10 msrp $649.00 Save 16% plus FREE shipping

The second generation of IKON cues are here. The IKON 201 is made with Maple and stained with a high gloss Black. Three sets of nickel rings and a Leather Luxe wrap...

Joss JOS Color of Money (N7)

$769.25 msrp $905.00 plus FREE shipping

This cue is one of the most recognizable cues in the industry. The Joss N7 was featured in the classic movie "The Color of Money." The reference in the movie...

Balabushka Cues GB6 Pool Cue

$801.00 msrp $890.00 plus FREE shipping

The GB-6 pool cue from Balabushka features a Natural-stained Birdseye Maple forearm with eight rich African Ebony points inlayed with Imitation Ivory diamonds.

J. Pechauer Professional Series P13-F

$603.00 msrp $670.00 plus FREE shipping

The Professional Series P13-F has a No-stain Birdseye Maple forearm that features six Ebony points with white Turquoise diamonds...

Balabushka Cues GB-GS

$900.00 msrp $1,000.00 plus FREE shipping

The Gus Szamboti era Features four ebony points with black and maple veneers, three notched diamonds in each point and a Birdseye maple forearm....

Balabushka Cues GB-T

$661.50 msrp $735.00 plus FREE shipping

This is the first time a Balabushka cue with no wrap has ever been introduced! This cue features the unique “Titlist” color scheme which is purple, teal...

Balabushka Cues GB-BS

$805.50 msrp $895.00 plus FREE shipping

The Burton Spain era of cues was the first to feature decorative rings above the wrap which later became known as “Bushka” rings. Each of the...

Clearance Predator P3 with Comfort Grip

$683.10 msrp $849.00 Save 19% plus FREE shipping

Meticulously engineered, obsessively forward-thinking, and with unprecedented 30-piece construction, the P3 is here, and it's about to change the game forever...

McDermott G1305 2014 Cue of The Year

$1,399.00 Best price plus FREE shipping

The G1305 McDermott cue of the Year is a beautiful no-wrap design that features a Black urethane handle with green Juma Gem and Bone...

Clearance Predator Roadline SP6GN

$368.10 msrp $459.99 Save 19% plus FREE shipping

The Predator Roadline SP6 Series are Sneaky Pete styled cues that include Predators renown Low Deflection 314-2.. The SP6GN is a black stained...

Falcon FA12-6

$504.00 msrp $630.00 plus FREE shipping

The Falcon FA12-6 is a spectacular cue that features white bone and Abolone inlays from top to bottom. The cue is built with Ebony and comes equipped with a solid...

Balabushka Cues GB-21 pool cue

$747.00 msrp $830.00 plus FREE shipping

This George Balabushka signature series pool cue has a natural stained birdseye maple forearm with four sharp ebony points with maple, blue, burgundy and black veneers.

McDermott G502

$450.50 msrp $530.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The wrap on the G502 is Genuine Italian Leather with a Lizard skin embossed texture. The sleeve made of Recon Ebony has multiple stainless rings ... .

Balabushka Cues GB-22 Pool Cue

$778.50 msrp $865.00 plus FREE shipping

The Balbushka GB-22 pool cue is a great representation of the style and quality George Balabushka cues were known for.This pool cue has a natural stained birdseye maple...

Meucci Model 9712BD

$525.30 msrp $618.00 plus FREE shipping

Meucci cues are built with one priority in mind - give every player more power with less effort. Using the proprietary Myth Destroyer testing robot Meucci builds shafts and butts ...

Viking Cues C50-1

$499.99 msrp $649.99 plus FREE shipping

The Viking CUSTOM 50 line is a commemorative series to celebrate Viking's upcoming 50th Anniversary. The C50-1 is a...

Falcon LE12-2 Meadowpine

$680.00 msrp $850.00 plus FREE shipping

The Meadowpine by Falcon is a limited edition cue that features some exotic inlays. The forearm and sleeve are made with Rosewood and are adorned...

McDermott G501

$442.00 msrp $520.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The G501 is a new No-Wrap cue made with an East indian Rosewood forearm and sleeve. The handle is made of Birdseye Maple with 6 thin...

Clearance Falcon FA12-7

$304.00 msrp $650.00 Save 53% plus FREE shipping

The Falcon FA12-7 comes with a Rosewood forearm and sleeve. Adorning the cue are four black veneers with white bone and Turquoise inlays. A black hand pressed...