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Vector Caliber SP1 Sneaky Pete

$52.95 msrp $79.95

The Caliber SP1 is a quality North American maple two piece cue. The shaft is a full 29" long with a 10-12 inch pro taper. The shaft also features...

8 Reviews

Vector Caliber C5

$54.95 msrp $84.95

The C5 is our newest addition to the Caliber line of cues by Vector. The butt is made of all maple with a high gloss black finish on the sleeve and...

17 Reviews

Vector Caliber JB1 Jump Break

$84.95 msrp $119.95 plus FREE shipping

This full length 58” jump break cue features two quick release joint pins at the shaft and jump butt, a genuine Irish linen wrap and a super hard stacked leather tip.

18 Reviews

Elite Break Cue HEAVY

$121.50 msrp $135.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

This break cue from Elite is extra heavy. The weight comes in a whopping 27oz!! The weight is not adjustable. This break cue has added power because the wood-to-wood joint...

6 Reviews

Vector Caliber C3

$54.95 msrp $84.95

The Caliber C3 by Vector Cues has a cherry red stained maple sleeve and forearm. The joint is decorated with white inlayed rings on both the...

7 Reviews

Vector Caliber C1

$54.95 msrp $84.95

The Caliber C1 from Vector Cues is an extraordinary value. Made with 100% American maple, the shaft has a pro 10-12 inch....

8 Reviews

Vector Caliber SP2 Sneaky Pete

$69.95 msrp $104.95

The Caliber SP2 by Vector cues is a Sneaky Pete cue with a sharp floating point design bordered with black veneers. The handle is made of ....

3 Reviews

Vector Caliber C2

$54.95 msrp $84.95

The Vector Caliber C2 features a brown stained all maple forearm and sleeve. The 100% Irish Linen wrap of black with brown speck is a perfect....

2 Reviews

Action Adventure 102 Reaper

$112.50 msrp $125.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The Grim Reaper is back, the Burgundy Reaper cue by Action is sure to cause a stir. The Burgundy stained maple forearm features the Grim...

6 Reviews

Vector Caliber C9

$69.95 msrp $104.95

The Vector C9 is the newest addition in the Caliber series. The C9 is adorned with a fashionable pink paint over Maple and features two Rose and Vine images. A solid black...

Cuetec CT273 Pool Cue

$134.99 msrp $161.98 plus FREE shipping

The CT273 is a classic model from Cuetec. A sleek black finish on this cue provides the ultimate sneak attack! Outside moisture and temperature changes are locked out...

8 Reviews

Vector Caliber C8

$69.95 msrp $104.95

The Vector Caliber C8 forearm and sleeve use a solid white paint over Maple which creates the perfect background for the Rose. The solid black Irish linen...

Action VAL13

$67.50 msrp $75.00 Save 10%

The Blue 68 is a good pool cue for starting players. It comes with a Maple shaft and blue stained maple butt. It has a quality layered tip for long term wear.

3 Reviews

Action Kid's Junior 48 inch Marble Blue

$49.50 msrp $55.00 Save 10%

The right cue for the junior players. 48 inches in length and made with quality materials. The butt end is a blue marble over maple and the shaft hard rock maple.

1 Review

Action Steel 9

$62.10 msrp $69.00 Save 10%

The Action Steel 9 is a sharp looking gray and black stained no-wrap cue. It features a stainless joint collar and quality layered tip.

Players C-701

$94.04 msrp $104.49 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The C-701 is a sleek no-wrap design that features a Matte Black Handle. The forearm & the sleeve are also Matte Black and fade into Metallic...

Players C-702

$94.04 msrp $104.49 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The C-702 is a sharp looking no-wrap cue that features a Matte Black Handle. The forearm and sleeve combine Metallic Blue and Matte black to make...

Players C-703

$94.04 msrp $104.49 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The Players C-703 is a no-wrap cue that features a Matte Black handle. The forearm and sleeve sport Metallic Pink combined with Matte Black. This...

Lucky Cues L28

$110.00 Best price plus FREE shipping

Lucky cues are exclusively distributed by McDermott Cue. The L28 is made with Hard Rock Maple and features intricate graphic overlays. The wrap is black with white spec Irish linen and is sure to give you a non-slip grip. Lucky cues are an exceptional value for a great playing cue.

Lucky Cues L65

$110.00 Best price plus FREE shipping

The L65 features a "Leprechaun" Graphic overlay on the sleeve and a Hard Rock Maple shaft. Lucky cues are designed, engineered and...

Valhalla VA485

$164.99 Best price plus FREE shipping

Behold Valhalla. A premium import 2 piece pool cue created by the engineers at Viking. Valhalla cues bring high-tech performance and killer style to...

Action Navy Model VAL05

$62.10 msrp $69.00 Save 10%

Model 13 has a combination of blue and black swirl stain on the maple butt. The stainless collar adds a touch of class to this low...

Action Adventure 101

$112.50 msrp $125.00 Save 10% plus FREE shipping

The Black Reaper is on the forearm of this cue from Action Cues. The black stained maple forearm is covered with a Reaper...

2 Reviews

Riley Snooker Cues RIL06

$75.65 msrp $89.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The RIL06 from Riley features four ebony points on the forearm. It comes with a 9.5mm Blue Diamond tip assuring you that only the best materials are used on Riley cues.