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Valhalla VA105

$49.99 msrp $59.99

The Valhalla VA105 is built with Hard Rock Maple and features a Green Stain. VA105 has a Premium Leather tip...

Star Cues Leaping Lizard Jump Cue

$89.00 Best price plus FREE shipping

The Leaping Lizard Jump cue includes a Lizard lithograph on the forearm and a quick release joint. Perfect for all those tricky shots.

Action Checkerboard EBM06

$84.15 msrp $99.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Action Checkerboard cue is sharp looking and intimidating. A skull with an eight ball in the mouth is featured on the sleeve. The entire cue is covered...

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Action Heavy Break cue

$84.15 msrp $99.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

New for 2016 is the Action Heavy Break cue. This cue combines all the necessities in an effective break cue. The weight on this cue is 25oz aiding an explosive break. The wrap extends..

Raid Cues CS-03 Solid Blue

$79.00 msrp $99.00 plus FREE shipping

The Raid CS-03 is a stunning blue wrapless cue. The forearm Sports a Matte finish, while the handle is a glossy blue pearl. The shaft on the CS-03 is the R650 low deflection shaft, which comes standard with a 13mm five layer tip, 10mm Juma ferrule...

Raid Cues CS-02 Black Pearl

$79.00 msrp $99.00 plus FREE shipping

The CS-02 by Raid Cues comes with the R650 low deflection shaft. The R650 features a 13mm five layer tip, 10mm Juma ferrule and a Pro taper. This is a wrapless cue...