Vector Caliber JB1 Jump Break

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The JB1 from the Vector Caliber series offers best features of jump break cues at an unbeatable price. Full length 58” cue. Two quick release joint pins at the shaft and jump butt. A genuine Irish linen wrap and Super hard stacked leather tip.

Handle Black over Maple with an Irish Linen Wrap
Length 29 Inch shaft and 29 inch butt. Total 58 inches
Free! Free Case or other free gift.
Shaft Taper North American Maple with a 10-12 Inch Pro Taper
Tip Super hard Stacked leather, BCA compliant
Weights Adjustable from 20-21 Ounce
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Customer Reviews

Great price, great quality, love it.

Was looking for a reasonable priced breaking stick, but having basic features. This is it! I prefer an open wrap, as it gives you more feel and grip for breaking. Also, the hard leather tip allows for you to put more top center english for follow through on your breaks. Even if you are slightly off, it goes into an english, and not a miss cue like with phenolic tips. You can also feel you are using a break stick, not a regular stick. Plus, the threads on the lower and mid section are short threads so you can break down and assemble fast while playing, usually 2-3 full twists. Mid joint is metal to metal, lower joint is wood to wood. Use the short feature of it to play in tight bars, not for jumping. So what do I know about pool? Captain of a league pool team of 7, been playing pool for 24 years, own about 7 cues, all Meucci and Palmer. And cheapest asides from the Caliber JB1, is easily 500.00. I did consider the McDermott Stinger, but couldn't justify the additional 130.00, but feel it is a better break cue. Hope some of this helps someone out.

Reviewed on 04/30/2014
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" A Quick Receive to my Order " Thank you ...

Have not been able to use it yet,but glad to have it so quick so I can....

Reviewed on 12/25/2014
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