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Scorpion cues are some of the best low cost cues on the market. Johny Archer, a world Champion uses Scorpion cues.

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Scorpion 107 Pink

$118.15 msrp $139.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Scorpion 107 Pink is a new cue for 2012 and is the perfect cue for any ladies wanting to put the sting to the opponent. This wrapless cue features a white...

Scorpion Sport Grip Pink

$140.25 msrp $165.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Scorpion Sports Grip has an excellent rubber grip in black, white and pink accents on the handle. The forearm and sleeve also have pink...

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Scorpion Sport Grip Gray

$114.75 msrp $135.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

Some of the best innovations in cues recently is the use of alternative wraps. The Sport Grip Gray from Scorpion is a good example of new technology with the soft rubber textured grip and the Fiberglass over wood shaft.

Scorpion 109 Black

$118.15 msrp $139.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Scorpion 109 is a sleek no wrap cue that is built to perform. The forearm and sleeve are black and white with Scorpion designs and a silver Scorpion logo. The shaft...

Scorpion Sport Grip Red

$114.75 msrp $135.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Scorpion Sport Grip red features a new Red with black and white Scorpion wrap. It has a large black Scorpion logo on a sporty textured rubber-like material for a firm no slip grip.

Scorpion Sport Grip Yellow

msrp $135.00 Discontinued

The Sport Grip yellow is a sharp looking contrast in colors. The wrap has a Scorpion logo in the textured grip. The tip is a water buffalo hard tip which along with the stainless joint collar produces a very firm hit.

Scorpion Sport Grip Blue

$114.75 msrp $135.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Sport Grip Blue is a sharp looking new release from Scorpion Cues. The Wrap is a soft rubber with textured grooves in it that gives the cue a great feel. These models are available in a number of color ...

Scorpion CYC80

$114.75 msrp $135.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Scorpion CYC80 is a sharp no wrap cue that features a edgy design on the forearm and sleeve. This cue comes with joint protectors and is sure to take your game to the next level.

Scorpion SCO110

$118.15 msrp $139.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The SCO110 is another beautiful cue made by Scorpion, with a simple & sleek looking forearm & sleeve, finished with smoked charcoal paint with black and white...

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Scorpion Billiard Gloves

$9.00 msrp $15.95 Save 43%

These Scorpion Billiard Gloves have the Scorpion logo on the top of the hand. This economical glove is a one size fits all and is very stylish!

Scorpion 3x5 Case

$89.25 msrp $105.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Scorpion Logo 3 Butt 5 Shaft case is made of Durable Vinyl. This comes in Black and features the Scorpion logo embroidered on the pocket. Made of Poured rubber mold casing this tubed style case is sure to keep your cues safe at a reasonable price.

  • 1-11 of 11 Results