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Simonis is the oldest company in the billiard industry and the only textile mill in the world dedicated to the production of cloth for pool, snooker and carom. The company remains under the direction of the Simonis family and produces a cloth whose quality has never been duplicated.
If you're a professional-level player (or aspire to become one), Simonis cloth should be the only thing you use on your home table.
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Simonis Installation Instruction- Bed Cloth

$24.95 msrp $50.00 Save 50%

This Simonis installation training video shows a proper technique for installing Simonis bed cloth on a coin-operated bar...

Simonis Installation Instruction- Rail Cloth

$24.95 msrp $50.00 Save 50%

Simonis installation training videos show proper techniques for installing Simonis cloth on rails of a coin-operated bar table...

  • 1-2 of 2 Results