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All Products By Tiger

Tiger products provide shaft care and tools as well as fine quality layered tips for all players. Tiger products are where technology and craftsmanship unite!

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Tiger Everest Laminated Tip (Single)

$20.00 Best price

Tiger Everest 10 layered laminated tip shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium and has a control like a soft tip. This single tip is 14mm and are sold PER tip.

Tiger Crystal Ball Cleaner

$19.00 Best price

The Tiger Crystal Ball Cleaner is formulated to give you the best looking finish without spending lot of time effort. It works great with all types of...

3 Reviews

Tiger Shaft Cleaner & Burnisher

$14.00 Best price

The Tiger smoother and burnisher smooths and seals shafts from the elements, while giving it a nice polished look. Use one side for...

Tiger Icebreaker+ Jump/Break (Single Tip)

$27.00 Best price

The Icebreaker+ break/jump tip is a HDMC (High Density Microcell Compound) hybrid cue tip that utilizes an extreme hardness for power without...

Tiger Onyx LTD (Single Tip)

$25.00 Best price

The Tiger Onyx LTD is made with the same Bore hide as the Tiger Sniper tips. Each of the finest layers are then collected and aged with Tiger's...

Tiger BREAK Cue Tips

$22.00 Best price

The Tiger laminated Break Cue tip is made with quality cow and pig hide, the same quality as Tiger's other line of laminated cue tips. Vacuum laminated...

Tiger Paw 3 Cue Holder

$49.00 Best price

The Tiger Paw® Cue Holder is constructed using high impact acrylic plastic and is anchored with a brass center and lined with vinyl pads to secure...

Tiger Glove

$22.00 Best price

The New Tiger Glove uses a combo of high quality lycra in black and yellow and suede leather in the palm area for better grip. Two of the fingers are closed and one open to promote better table feel. The fingers are...

Tiger X-Glove

$22.00 Best price

The New Tiger-X gloves are constructed with high quality lycra combined with mesh and suede on the palm area for better feel and grip. This is an open finger glove...

Tiger Tip Shaper & Scuffer

$40.00 Best price

The Tiger tip shaper and scuffer is constructed with a anodized aluminum body making it lightweight but extremely durable. Dime or nickel shape guides...

Tiger Tip Glue

$12.00 Best price

Tiger tip is a sure, no nonsense adhesive for attaching new tips to your cue.

Tiger Crystal Shaft Cleaner

$13.00 Best price

The Tiger Crystal Shaft Cleaner is the premier cue cleaner on the market. This Tiger formula sinks into the grain of the...

Tiger Billiard Chalk- 3 piece

$20.00 Best price

The Tiger Chalk uses a blend of five different elements to give you unprecedented control! This chalk has a smooth feel and adheres perfectly...

Tiger S-4 Shaft Sealer

$20.00 Best price

The S-4 Shaft Sealer by Tiger conditions and seals. Perfect for use after the Tiger Crystal Cleaner. The sealer will give your cue a smooth feel and protect the wood from moisture.

Tiger Liquid Burnisher 4 oz

$13.00 Best price

This liquid is specifically made to burnish the sides of the leather cue tip. It can clean minor dirts off shafts and ferrule. Liquid burnisher is also used as one...

Tiger Silicone Wrap

$14.00 Best price

The Tiger Silicone wrap with the yellow Tiger logo is perfect whether your looking to replace a wrap on a cue or give your cue that sport wrap feel...

Tiger Tip Protector

$6.00 Best price

Tiger Leather Tip Protectors are designed to guard the inside of your case from chalk residue. Simply place the leather protector over the tip and...

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Tiger E Z Shine Bee's Wax

$7.95 msrp $9.95 Save 20%

Bee's wax is the choice of professionals when putting table slates together. It is easily melted into the slate seams and shaved smooth with a razor blade.

Tiger Great White (Single Tip)

$10.00 msrp $13.95 Save 28%

The Great White by Tiger is a 9 layered boar skin tip. The layers are sheared apart to ensure consistency and durability, then laminated together...

Tiger Kimsah Bridge Head

$20.00 Best price

The Tiger Kimsah Bridge head is made of black leather and features a yellow rubber washer that fits on any shaft from 9mm to 14mm. The Kimsah provides...

Tiger Sniper (Single Tip)

$23.00 Best price

Sniper Laminated Cue Tips are made from a boar hide that is tanned the old fashioned way, under the ground. Treated slowly and without any chemicals, each hide takes up to a year...

Tiger Paw 5 Cue Holder

$65.00 Best price

The Tiger Paw® Cue Holder is constructed using high impact acrylic plastic and is anchored with a brass center and lined with vinyl pads to secure...

Tiger Bridge Head

$20.00 Best price

The Tiger Bridge Head is made of quality acrylic plastic, this bridge head is unlike any other, both design or playability. The Genuine...

  • 1-23 of 23 Results