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The Books available include training books and some for entertainment.

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BCA 2014 Official BCA Rule Book

$7.90 msrp $9.95

This is the essential resource for serious players and fans. Enhance your enjoyment of the game by getting to know the World-Standardized.... A Mind For Pool

$19.95 msrp $23.95

A Mind for Pool can help all players at all levels of play.

Dawn Hopkins Kids Learn To Play Pool

$11.95 msrp $14.95

Teach your kids pool the professional way! Want your child to amaze everyone with trick shots? Ready for your child to capture the...

Dr Dave Billiards The Illustrated Principals of Pool and Billiards

$13.95 msrp $14.95

Using his background as an avid pool player and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, David “Dr. Dave” Alciatore has expanded upon his... 1977 Vintage Book of Pool

$1.50 msrp $3.99

The International Tournament Pool book includes great Chapters like Fundamentals of Pool, Shot-making, Cues and their care and also includes a chapter on... How To Tip a Pool Cue

$17.95 msrp $22.00

This book is a must for those people that want the hands on experience of replacing their own tip, but with a guide to help. From ferrule...

Mike Massey Billiards World Of Tricks

$19.95 Best price

The Mike Massey World of tricks is a huge compilation of Mike's favorites over many years of competition.

Minnesota Fats The Bank Shot

$14.95 Best price

The Bankshot is the autobiography of Minnesota Fats. It details his life, accomplishments and thoughts on pool. As an added bonus, he...