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BCA How to Play Pool Right

$18.95 msrp $25.95

In our opinion one of the best instructional works ever. By Jerry Breisath. The BCA transformed the celebrated How to Play Pool Right booklet...

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Billiards.com A Pool Lesson with Jerry Briesath

$54.95 msrp $74.99

A 3 DVD set that includes instruction on Fundamentals, Banking and Kicking, Drills, Fixes and Managing the cue ball. Jerry Briesath is regarded as the "Dean of Master Instructors" and has produced this top notch DVD set that is packed with 4 hours of instruction that covers over 60 topics.

Simonis Installation Instruction- Rail Cloth

$24.95 msrp $50.00 Save 50%

Simonis installation training videos show proper techniques for installing Simonis cloth on rails of a coin-operated bar table...

Simonis Installation Instruction- Bed Cloth

$24.95 msrp $50.00 Save 50%

This Simonis installation training video shows a proper technique for installing Simonis bed cloth on a coin-operated bar...

  • 1-4 of 4 Results