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Vector products are a new line of affordable, high quality pool cues and cases offered by Each cue and case compares to ‘top brand’ billiard products for a fraction of the cost. All Vector Cues and cases carry a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Vector Caliber C10

$89.95 msrp $139.95 Save 35% plus FREE shipping

The Caliber C10 from Vector cues has a rosewood sleeve and maple forearm. The Rosewood inlayed points extend from the wrap all the way up...

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Vector Caliber C3

$49.95 msrp $79.95 Save 37%

The Caliber C3 by Vector Cues has a cherry red stained maple sleeve and forearm. The joint is decorated with white inlayed rings on both the...

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Vector Caliber C4

$49.95 msrp $79.95 Save 37%

The Caliber C4 from Vector Cues features a slate gray stained maple sleeve and forearm plus a genuine Irish linen wrap that is black with white ...

Vector Caliber C5

$49.95 msrp $79.95 Save 37%

The C5 is our newest addition to the Caliber line of cues by Vector. The butt is made of all maple with a high gloss black finish on the sleeve and...

Vector Caliber C2

$47.95 msrp $79.95 Save 40%

The Vector Caliber C2 features a brown stained all maple forearm and sleeve. The 100% Irish Linen wrap of black with brown speck is a perfect....

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Vector Caliber SP1 Sneaky Pete

$44.95 msrp $79.95 Save 43%

The Caliber SP1 is a quality North American maple two piece cue. The shaft is a full 29" long with a 10-12 inch pro taper. The shaft also features...

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Vector Caliber JB1 Jump Break

$67.95 msrp $109.95 Save 38%

This full length 58” jump break cue features two quick release joint pins at the shaft and jump butt, a genuine Irish linen wrap and a super hard stacked leather tip.

Vector Caliber C1

$44.95 msrp $79.95 Save 43%

The Caliber C1 from Vector Cues is an extraordinary value. Made with 100% American maple, the shaft has a pro 10-12 inch....

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Vector Caliber C8

$59.99 msrp $74.99 Save 20%

The Vector Caliber C8 forearm and sleeve use a solid white paint over Maple which creates the perfect background for the Rose. The solid black Irish linen...