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Voodoo Cues

A new line of cues! Voodoo cues feature carved designs on the sleeve and forearm. The leather wrap, stainless steel joint collar and butt cap, combined with great designs offer great value..

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Voodoo Cues Voodoo 11-Grey

$140.25 msrp $165.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Voodoo line of cues feature solid maple butts and shafts with great Voodoo themed engravings carved in the forearm and sleeve. They have a real solid hit due to the stainless joint collar and feature a top quality Triangle Hard tip.

Voodoo Cues Coffin Case

$63.75 msrp $75.00 Save 15%

The coffin case from Voodoo cues is just a really cool design. Shaped like a coffin this hard case is well lined on the inside to protect your cue. There...

Voodoo Cues Voodoo 13

$140.25 msrp $165.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Voodoo model 13 has a gray stained maple sleeve and forearm. The blackened engravings are cemetary themed with symbols of the dead and...

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Voodoo Cues Voodoo 01B - Blonde with Skulls

$140.25 msrp $165.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Voodoo Line of cues offer high quality materials, superior craftsmanship and affordable pricing. These Voodoo cues meet the needs of beginners, league members, and tournament tested shooters.

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Voodoo Cues Voodoo Break Cue

$140.25 msrp $165.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Voodoo Break cue features a thick shaft taper and a super hard compressed leather break tip. The ferrule is also a hard phenolic material helping...

Voodoo Cues Voodoo 31

$140.25 msrp $165.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

The Voodoo 31 has a grey stained maple forearm and sleeve with engraved skulls stacked. The cue is finished off with a black leather wrap. The shaft....

Voodoo Cues Voodoo 21

$140.25 msrp $165.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

New for 2014 is the Voodoo 21 model. An all New Black stained Maple haunts the forearm and the sleeve. The digitally engraved red "Bloodshed" paint designs drip from the...

Voodoo Cues Voodoo 22

$140.25 msrp $165.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

This cue features a red stained Maple forearm with digitally engraved "Black Magic" designs. The sleeve features an engraved Voodoo logo painted black. The wrap is the black leather and finishes off the cue nicely.

Voodoo Cues VOD24

$140.25 msrp $165.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

If you like skullls...this cue is for you. The VOD24 keeps with the dark theme Voodoo cues are famous for. The sleeve & forearm are etched with voodoos signature...

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Voodoo Cues VOD23

$140.25 msrp $165.00 Save 15% plus FREE shipping

True to Voodoo's design, the VOD23 is no exception. The forearm is a black stained maple with laser etched skulls in red along with a etched dripping...

Voodoo Cues Voodoo Gloves

$7.95 msrp $10.95 Save 27%

The Voodoo gloves are a sturdy elastic material. One size fits all. The exposed portion shows the bones in your hand.

  • 1-11 of 11 Results