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Pool Table Cloth

Pool and Billiard table cloth (often called felt) has been around since the 15th century. Even then it was a woven wool material. The green color of cloth was chosen at the time to mimic the outdoor lawn games in many parts of Europe. Did you know the human eye also has a higher sensitivity to the color green than any other color? This allows less eye strain for longer periods of time and is why standard green is the most popular color of billiard cloth. The Iwan Simonis Company started making billiard cloth over 200 years ago. Today Iwan Simonis is the most famous maker of billiard cloth.

Worsted Wool or a blend of wool and nylon is used to cover all pool, billiard and snooker tables. Typically the faster the cloth, the less durable it is.

Smaller 7 foot or bar size tables usually have a very durable and slower cloth. A popular choice for these tables is Championship Invitational Cloth with Teflon. This is the cloth used at many of the national amateur tournaments including those with the APA, VNEA, and BCA.

You can have table cloth professionally installed or save 50% or more of the cost by doing it yourself. We will help you choose your cloth and provide detailed instructions on how to cover your table and rails. See our articles on attaching cloth to a table top or attaching cloth to rails.

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